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    The One of a Kind "OOAK" Collection is created by upcycling vintage huipils and cortes, traditional clothing woven and worn by Mayan women in Guatemala. Due to their handmade nature and having been worn for several years, no two huipils are exactly the same. This was the collection that started it all, and continues to be a favorite!


    The Full Leather Collection is made using high quality Full Grain Leather. Providing a simpler look, neutral leathers like Café, Black, Slate, and Bone are the most popular, but we also offer many other leather colors, including Lavender, Emerald, and so many more! Most items in the Full Leather Collection features handwoven Artisan lining too!


    The Artisan Collection is woven by hand on a loom with several colors of stripes. Designed by our team in Utah or by Artisans in Guatemala, there are so many Artisan options, there's something for everyone! Artisan fabrics also feature Jaspe, hand dyed to create unique patterns for each fabric!


    The Heritage & Society (H&S) Collection is our most valuable because each panel is intricately hand woven on a backstrap loom, the designs inspired by traditional Guatemalan symbols found on huipils. The time it takes for them to be woven is well worth it though, because the finished product is always stunning!


    The Mexico Collection features both Full Leather and One of a Kind bags! Mexico One of a Kind is made using handwoven, naturally dyed Mexican wool rugs. Our Mexico leather is different than our Guatemala leather, and has a more structured feel!


    The Morocco Collection features our softest feeling leather. The Moroccan sheepskin leather is woven before being made into bags and accessories, which gives this collection a unique and luxurious look.


    Though most of what we do involves leather, the Philippines collection is 100% vegan, made sustainably with pre-consumer waste materials.


    Every bag is designed with accesorizing in mind. You can add a pop of color with a charm, or add a little extra space to carry things during your day to day!

Our accessory collection includes clutches, straps, poms, fringe, and just about anything in between! There's so many options you can add to make your bag your own!

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  • Social Responsibility

    Nena & Co. values the preservation of Artisans' culture and quality of life. Each Artisan is paid fairly for reliable work while being able to pass their traditions, culture, and new opprotunities along to the next generation!

  • Faces Behind The Fabric

    Each Artisan who weaves these fabrics is a master of their craft, having been raised learning the traditional techniques of their Mayan ancestry. Their work is an important reminder of the beauty of their culture.

  • What Is Jaspe?

    Jaspe is a unique part of each one of our Artisan Fabrics! Threads are tied and then dyed to create unique patters once woven. After the threatds are dyed, they're laid out to dry, and then incorperated into the weaving of Artisan Fabrics!