We choose to manufacture and assemble our products in close proximity to the raw materials in order to decrease the carbon footprint associated with long distance shipping. For example, the textiles that are woven in Guatemala are then assembled into the final product in Guatemala. We follow the same model in Morocco and Mexico.

Guatemala HQ

We take pride in our Guatemala manufacturing facility. We co-founded it to ensure that creators were paid well, paid promptly, treated fairly and worked in a clean, safe environment. We started manufacturing ourselves when we realized some of our previous partners weren’t paying fairly or on time, nor did they offer any additional benefits. One of our objectives as a company is to empower all lives that come in contact with Nena & Co. and it must start with the people making our product. We began with a small team of 3. We now work with 126 employees who all benefit from the following standards and programs. Our ultimate goal is to help elevate the quality of life of those that work directly with us.

Benefits of Antigua Guatemala HQ

• Health benefits
• Scholarships for further education
• Access to food storage and survival kits for natural disasters and unexpected disruptions to life
• Funding for medical procedures
• Clean and safe facility
• 8 hour work day x 5 day work week with regular breaks
• In the event that employees exceed an 8 hour day x 5 days a week, they are paid over time
• Paid holidays
• Paid time off
• Maternity and paternity leave