People come before all else. We believe in listening, learning, and acting to help create positive social change in the countries we work in and here in our local community.


We work with Artisan women in developing countries. We partner with them to introduce their products to global markets and share the appreciation for artisanal products to ensure these ancient techniques continue to be a thriving industry. These Artisans do not work for us, but with us. They are entrepreneurs who set their own rates. Weavers work in the comfort of their own homes, set their own hours, and accept or reject work as they see fit. Additionally, we partner with them on both ongoing and short-term projects to reinvest into the future of their communities. Independent Artisans also qualify to participate in the educational, medical, and emergency support programs we offer to our employees.

Leather Craftsmen and Women, Seamstresses, and Administrative Employees

We only choose to partner with factories that have set standards up to par with the facility we founded in Antigua, Guatemala. We empower our employees to combat poverty, take more control of their lives, and thrive rather than only surviving. The factory standard salaries are equal to or higher than the regional average and minimum wage. Specialized skill sets and experience are rewarded with higher pay. Every employee has regular performance evaluation dates that may provide annual salary raises. Bonuses are also rewarded based on performance. Healthcare, maternity and paternity leave, workers compensation, and overtime are paid when applicable. Work days are standardized at 8 hours, including regular breaks and a 5 day work week. Safety and clean work environments are also a high priority.


We believe in inclusivity and representation. We work with women all over the world and believe that every woman in every shape and color is beautiful and deserves representation. We are committed to hire, collaborate, and work with a diverse workforce.

We value diversity in lived experience, heritage, and culture. Because of this, we choose to hire employees and select collaborators with diverse perspectives across the spectrums of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and culture. From the models and influencers we work with, to the Artisans themselves, and the employees at Nena HQ, we choose to embrace diversity and representation. We make an effort to share the people behind the brand, not just including Artisans but also our employees in the U.S.

When we collaborate with brands and influencers, we make an effort to emphasize diverse creators and companies. We are committed to using our platform to amplify the voices of people from underrepresented communities. While we enjoy celebrating certain groups during holidays and historical months, we remain committed to representation in our marketing efforts all year round.