Ecosystem of Sustainability

The future of fashion is circular, meaning items are sustainably produced, used and reused with love, then upcycled into other equally valuable items. We refer to this concept in our own production as the Ecosystem of Sustainability.

Production: items are made using either upcycled huipiles (Guatemalan women’s shirts) or newly woven handmade Artisan fabrics. They are made within the same country to limit carbon emissions from shipping. Newly woven collections support the art of weaving and provide ongoing work for the weavers. The weaving process produces negligible carbon emissions.

Distribution: items are listed on our website and sold to collectors in small batches.

Use: Because we use high quality leather and textiles, our bags and accessories can be cleaned, conditioned, and repaired for years of use. If your bag needs a repair, email We will repair it or recommend a local tailor.

Reuse: We also have a thriving resale market, so many of our bags have changed hands over half a dozen times!

Recycle: The materials used in these bags can be recycled and reused for other items.