Nena & Co. Ambassador Application

We value you, our Nena Society member, and what you have to say about us. We know that a good word from you goes a long way and so we are thrilled to open our first ever Nena Society Ambassador and Representative program. If you believe in the Nena & Co. mission to empower everyone who touches Nena & Co. products starting with our humble master weavers to our valued customers that keep our business thriving; if you love the beauty, quality, functionality or simply love that our company is owned and operated by women for women than we think YOU may be the perfect brand ambassador or representative. 

Each bag we make has a special journey that started in the hands of our artisans and made its way to you. Now, we want to see where our bags take you and be more involved in your Nena & Co journey. That’s why we have launched our Nena & Co ambassador and representative program and we’d love for you to join. We created our ambassador program to establish real, long-term partnerships with individuals who genuinely love our products and want to share that love with their friends, family, and followers. We want you to help share the beauty of Nena & Co and our cause with the world! 

We have two opportunities within our program: the Nena Representatives and the Nena Ambassadors! We love and appreciate both groups equally!! We currently only offer First Rights and limited gifting perks to Nena Representatives due to resource restraints, however the Nena Ambassador program will be offered special opportunities to enter raffles for prizes and more when campaigns are completed. Perks of campaigns may change but will be made known to the participant prior to accepting the terms of the campaign. Both groups have been created to highlight real women and celebrate our members in the Nena Society and potentially be featured over time on our social platforms, email and website. Both programs are completely voluntary and we want to include as many of our Nena Society as possible. We will continue to be creative and think of fun ways to highlight and reward participants of either group.


What are the perks of a Nena Representative? 

-Potential opportunity for complimentary gifts or discounts

-Potential opportunity "First Rights To Buy" highly sought after new releases 

-Bragging rights! Show off your favorite bags!

-Potential opportunity to be featured on our Nena social media platforms. 


What are the perks of a Nena Ambassador? 

-Potential opportunity for complimentary gifts or discounts

-Bragging rights! Show off your favorite bags!

-Potential opportunity to be featured on our Nena social media platforms. 

- Potential opportunity to become a Nena Representative when space is available.


Responsibilities of a Nena & Co Ambassadors and Representatives:

-Regularly participate in our fun social campaigns 

-Create photo and video content of you and your Nena & Co products

-Share your experiences as a Nena & Co customer

-Provide insightful feedback to Nena & Co regarding opportunities to expand brand presence and sales 


To get started please fill out the complete form below. You will know upon approval if you have been chosen as a Nena Representative or a Nena Ambassador! Check out @nenaambassadors on Instagram to see what our Nena Representatives and Ambassadors are up to!

*Currently we are recruiting Representatives and Ambassadors with 100+ Instagram Followers

*Program may change based on circumstances

*Nena & Co is not required to offer every campaign to the entire or all Nena Representatives and Ambassadors every time a campaign is released. Campaigns will be released as needed and in a way that is manageable to our in-house team members. 


To get started please fill out the complete form below.

1. Submit a few more details through this form. 

This agreement will help us get to know you better and determine in what capacity we can partner together:

Ali, CEO