Step 1

Get your group together

  • Nena + Chill requires a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 30 guests.
  • The Host is responsible for collecting payment from all attendee’s (we suggest using Paypal or Venmo to gather funds ahead of time)!
  • Be sure to indicate on the application if you would like your party to be open to new friends or closed to your current gals. If you are willing to add on to your party we will be posting your name and email to our page so other Nena Tribe members can join!

Step 2

Pick your dates

  • The Host should offer 3 possible date options.
  • Guest appearances by Nena and Co. can be requested but are not guaranteed.
  • Once the application is entered, you should expect a call/email from our team within 2 weeks of the application being submitted. We will be going over the Terms & Conditions to assure they are accepted and understood.

Step 3

Pick your product

  • Once you have been approved, the Hosts will be emailed a purchase code to enter your parties purchase 30 days prior to your Nena + Chill.
  • Be sure that at the time of purchase you have your official head count & products to purchase. The code is a one time purchase code that will grant you access to the exclusive Nena + Chill products.
  • The products sold for this event will be made to order so be sure to place the order 30 days ahead of time for it to be ready for you.
  • No discounts will be offered or applied to these exclusive products. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.
  • All Nena + Chill Merch received at the party can not be trades or resold but enjoyed by the owner only!

Step 4

Party Time

  • Hosts will be in charge of picking and funding the location, treats, and activities.
  • Be sure to take tons of pics! We ask that 10-15 images be sent to us within 7 days after the Nena + Chill so we can potentially show off your event on our website, insta, and other social accounts!
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