Collection: The Accessory Of The Month Club

Support Artisans with Reliable Income

The Accessory of the Month Club is designed to keep your accessory collection fresh and diverse while supporting Artisans around the world with reliable and sustainable work each month. As you support this program, you’re directly supporting the livelihood of our Artisans. And for every 39 subscriptions, we’re able to provide full-time work to an Artisan.

Elevate the Skills Of Artisans

Our Artisans always welcome the opportunty to learn new techniques so that they can enhance their skills. As they work hard to make the accessories. More hands and less machines comes with many hours of detailed work.

Because we value the work of our Artisans, there are no exchanges or returns for these accessories.

The AOTM Process

1. Our design team does some research and mocks up the accessory.

2. The Artisans receive the design and begin the creation process.

3. When finished, we get the shipment at Nena HQ and send it to you!

Because this process takes roughly a few months, we ask for a 30-day notice before the next charge as items are already in production.

  • Make it Official

    Purchase once to sign up and become an Accessory Of The Month member! Your subscription is a 3-month commitment that will automatically renew.

  • Receive Accessory

    Your hand-made accessory is anticipated to ship towards the end of the month. Expect to be billed on the 24th of every month for the next month’s accessory.

  • Live Your Best Life

    Wear your new accessory by itself or style it with your other handbags! As you use them, know that your purchase is giving Artisans a reliable income each month.

  • Get Additional Perks

    Throughout the year you could have the opportunity to design your own accessory of the month, get early access shopping, participate in contests, and other additional perks!

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What Kind of Accessories You Can Expect

AOTMC includes a mix of accessories customers know and love and new, never-before-seen developments released to you before the public. These Artisan-made accessories not only improve the lives of Artisans but are also easy for you to incorporate into your own lifestyles in a useful and beautiful way.

Here’s a peek at the 2022 Accessory Of The Month Collection and what accessories you might find in your monthly subscription: