Treat Yourself this Valentine's Day

Treat Yourself this Valentine's Day

Artisan Valentines Collection


It's time to invest and treat yourself to products that do better for you and for the world. Even if it is just drawing a simple bath, slowly implementing new self care habits, building self-awareness and replacing hurried rituals with new ones, little by little – we can make a difference in the universe by taking care of ourselves and of the world.



1. Carefully Crafted
Take the extra time to draw a bath. 

2. No Detail Spared
Stop and smell the roses. 


3. Don’t Settle
Find your favorite shade of lipstick. 


4. Sustainable Love
Be patient with yourself. 


5. Economic Impact
Buy better and invest in a bag that you can love for a lifetime.


6. It Takes Time
It’s time to treat yourself.


7. Spread Truth
Own your story


8. Prioritize
Make yourself a priority


9. Aim High
It’s a gift to love yourself