Your Guide to the perfect Valentine's Date Night With Alexis Kaiser!

Your Guide to the perfect Valentine's Date Night With Alexis Kaiser!

Hi! I’m Alexis Kaiser and I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger here in the pretty state of Utah! I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years and have worked closely with Nena & Co. throughout those years and recently had the opportunity to write a little blurp on some of my favorite Valentine's Day spots in Utah! Utah has soooo many amazing spots to swing by for the perfect date for your loved one, but I’m going to chat about some of my personal favorites!

Black Sheep Cafe - 19 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601 - Where do I even start with this restaurant? It is AMAZING. Black Sheep Cafe serves contemporary Native American food in an upscale-casual space. If you’ve never had authentic Native American food before you are missing out! The flavors are so savory and unreal! They have lots of amazing vegetarian options and all their plates are made to order which is great! Me and my hubby go to Black Sheep anytime we have a special occasion or we just feel like treating ourselves! With that being said, it is on the more pricey side so keep that in mind! But hey, your lover deserves good food. Last year, Black Sheep Cafe had a special guest chef come in and do a small plate exclusive Valentine’s Day dinner which was much different from what they normally do but nonetheless delicious! Keep in mind you’ll need to make reservations like NOW (if they’re still available) to enjoy this tasty place on the 14th!

Communal Restaurant - 102 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601 - Next favorite spot is Communal! Located in downtown Provo, Communal serves a locally sourced American menu with farm-table seating. Their kitchen is located right in the corner of the restaurant so no need for entertainment here. I love the comfy home vibe of Communal. They recently revamped their menu for a mountain esque theme and I’ve been loving all the amazing flavors! Communal also has so many amazing vegetarian options for my veggies out there! I love that Communal locally sources everything, including their meat. You can literally ask them where anything on the menu came from and they have an answer. Communal never disappoints and would be such an amazing place to take your date! Again, you’ll need to book reservations now if they are still available and keep in mind this is also a more expensive restaurant! (P.S. if you miss out on Valentine's Day here, you gotta go have brunch!)

Station 22 - 22 Center St, Provo, UT 84601 - You can’t go wrong with Station 22 Cafe! Casual eatery serving updated American Classics, sandwiches and veggie options in the cutest little cafe. Once again, located in downtown Provo. We love Station 22 and it definitely has something on the menu for everyone! We actually went there the night we got engaged, and we went there on our first ‘real real date.’ Cue awwwhhhhss. I especially love their gigantic and very hearty salads! They also have AMAZING root beer and the best Rose Lemonade in town. Station 22 is an averaged priced restaurant and once again, you probably need to make reservations now to get in on Valentine's Day!

India Palace - 98 Center St, Provo, UT 84601 - If you’re in the mood for some Indian food, India Palace will not disappoint! Their food is SO BOMB. Definitely the best Indian I’ve ever had. Once again, great vegetarian options here as well! And you have to try their naan bread, it’s gigantic and delicious! I could literally eat their rice plain it’s that good, I’m like "hey if I slip you a $5 can you get me the recipe???" Haha. It’s a pretty traditional Indian restaurant but delicious! I know personally I’m not always in the mood for Indian food, but when I am it’s always India Palace for the win! India Palace normally doesn’t have a wait, but I’m sure they’ll be busy on Valentine’s Day, make sure to book reservations now!

Happy Sumo Restaurant - The Shops at the Riverwoods - If you’re in the mood for some sushi I feel like everyone knows Happy Sumo is always tasty and there is almost always one near by. It’s not like my all time favorite sushi place, but a great place for a first time sushi tryer or just to get consistent and tasty sushi. Plus, sushi is like special, and great for Valentine’s Day. Haha, I don’t know about you but I’m always in the mood for some sushi. Some of my personal favorites are their miso soup (duh) shrimp summer rolls, Jezabelle Roll, Mango Mama Roll, Rising Sun Roll, Rock n’ Roll! All sooo tasty and delicious, and if raw fish grosses you out they have tons of different cooked options on the menu!

K so those are some of my favorite restaurants, but you gotta end the night with a tasty treat yeah? I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day! Go big or go home!

Rockwell Ice Cream - 43 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601 - is to die for, I mean you gotta try it, so many unique flavors and it’s sooo delicious. Be prepared for a line, because that place is always poppin.

Also, if you haven’t tried a Cazookie yet, your life isn’t complete. The Chocolate - 212 State St, Orem, UT 84058 - is unreal. Basically a Cazookie is a giant cookie (more than one flavor if you desire) baked in a giant round dish with ice cream on top. It’s sooo friggin good. I could eat one right now. In fact, might make my hubby get me one tonight...

As for the rest of the night, snuggles and a movie are always appreciated (because it’s FREEZING outside right now). I am also always down for some fun Arcade games or even a fun game night at home (monopoly, chutes and ladders, you feel me?). You could walk the streets of downtown Provo and stop at some of the fun shops there! There are so many unique ones. Or go see a movie! I highly recommend La La Land at the moment. Soooo good.

Anywho, that’s my little Date Night Guide for Valentine’s Day! Gents, please don’t procrastinate making reservations! It means so much to your little lady lover and if you do wait, you’re going to end up somewhere like Hometown Buffet *barf* (but you probably really have fond memories of that place when you were little huh? hahaha, same.) If you’re tight on finances do something at home. Candle lit dinner with spaghetti and meatballs. YUM. And so cute and fun. Flowers are always appreciated (whether your lady says she likes them or not, love the flower shop FoxGlove Flowers & Gifts) and hey, supporting local. And if you’re feeling extra nice get her something from Nena & Co, or ladies, treat yourself. Because you deserve it!

Hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day, cheers! You can find me at @alexisjadekaiser on Instagram or Glamour Kills, Stay Weird. xo.