Thrive — VIP Event Recap

Thrive — VIP Event Recap

The Thrive Virtual VIP Event was a weekend of learning from Artisans, fun games and giveaways, and some intense shopping!

The event was split into 8 Artisan classes, with shopping for each class.



Michelle introduced us to Master Artisan Karim and explained the Farm to Label process the Berber women take to produce this collection.



We met Master Artisan Alejandro and his family, and Ali took us through the natural dyeing process the Artisans use to produce the rich, muted tones of the Mexico Collection panels.



The Beadwork Artisans welcomed us into their homes and workspaces in the fields of Kenya, and Michelle demonstrated beadwork for a Womanhood charm.



Saturday morning kicked off with Master Artisan Mariely’s demonstration on trimming poms. All-inclusive ticket holders received their own pom to trim!



Master Artisan Maribel taught us about the detailed and time-intensive art of jaspe dyeing. Ali hosted this class and tried her hand at jaspe too!


Footloom and Falseria

Master Artisan Don Octaviano Lopez and other members of his family business showed the process of footlooming and taught us about the art of falseria.



The one and only Master Artisan Yolanda gave us a closer look at backstrap weaving, with some explanation and narration from Ali.



Ali and her mom Cony hosted this class together, and we had the opportunity to get to know Master Artisan Manuela. All-inclusive participants got to embroider their own flower on denim!


Social Impact Recap

  • A look ahead to October Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • The impact of your support: who we’ve helped this year


Bestselling Products


Don Octaviano Lopez

"It is with a heavy heart that I come to you to share that our sweet Don Octaviano Lopez passed away. We’ve been told that the cause of death was pneumonia and the funeral was on October 1st. We are actively pursuing ways to help his family at this time. 

Many of you got to see his smiling face and hear his journey to become the entrepreneur he was and I’m glad we got to share that with so many of you during the VIP event. His business made ALL of our bags’ interior linings that were made with artisan fabric, and he also made all of our falseria collections. Life is so precious. I’m not really sure what to say. My heart aches as well as all of us who knew him. 

David or myself will share more as we are able. If you feel like leaving a message for his family please do and we will get that to them. If you feel like sharing your favorite bag that has his artisan lining to thank him, please do that. What a great master artisan he was. What a great man. May he rest in peace and may his wife and family have strength while they go through this difficult time."

-Ali Hynek