More Beauty. More Quality. More Function. More Sustainable. More Ethical. More Perfect. 



It’s official! The Convertible Day Bag [4.0] is now the Perfect Bag with all the elements of goodness from start to finish, inside and out! It is our belief that if we support the empowerment of women here in the USA we must choose to empower all women globally. It is a major part of our mission to empower all from the manufacturing of our products to the customers our bags find a home with. We cannot boast ideals of womanhood, empowerment, and personal growth to our clients but ignore the right to earn a living wage to the makers of our products and while refining the quality of materials we use. Over the last year we have grown our network of weavers, embroiderers, color and pattern experts, seamstresses and leather craftsmen/women. We have chosen to invest in people by weaving our values into our designs and choosing to pay fair wages and prices as we grow as a company. 


It is even more exciting that many of the same weavers that we started working with over 5 years ago still work with us now! These veteran master weavers have grown their own businesses and networks of weavers as they have recruited, empowered, trained and managed other women who have the desire to work. 


“Thank you to Nena. Because of you we are not lacking in work, our children can go to school and we can earn more than our husbands. The men do hard labor in the hot sun. [As weavers] we can work from home, earn more money and do what we love.” Said master weaver and cooperative leader, Yolanda Calgua when we visited her home in June 2019.


In the past, we informed customers that our core collection of Nena & Co. products would reflect a price increase as 90% of our resources of raw materials have increased in cost to us. We stated that we would make the price adjustment when we felt confident with the change. It’s taken us some time because change can be difficult, especially when that change involves a price increase.  BUT, instead of increasing the price of our original core collection [CDB, MCDB, Mini CDB and Weekender] we decided we could offer you a NEW more elevated core collection as we phase out the original. Our providers have increased their prices to us as we have collectively refined our raw materials; leather, weavings and hardware have all increased in cost which is commonly done as product is refined, sustainability secured and situations shift. As we’ve increased the quality of our products, the price to customers has not increased; The absorption of the cost is not sustainable for Nena & Co. and so we saw the inevitable adjustment as an opportunity to develop better quality, design and more functionality. All the while working within specific price sensitive parameters to offer you a NEW and better product. 


  • We’ve made the NEW CDB [4.0], MCDB [4.0], Mini CDB [4.0] and Weekender [4.0] more functional. 
  • Each has more usable space and less bulk. 
  • We’ve refined our quality of materials and manufacturing by investing in people and perfecting our process. 
  • The hardware is stronger and finished in antique brass for a more timeless aesthetic.
  • We have formulated our own perfectly-tanned, buttery-soft leather that is unique to the Nena and Co. brand. 
  • We have invested in the research and development of various techniques that our weavers can produce to expand our collection of textiles and keep our products unique and desirable. 
  • All  NEW CDB [4.0], MCDB [4.0], Mini CDB [4.0] and Weekender [4.0] will be offered with hand dyed and hand woven artisanal liner in all three collection; One Of A Kind, Artisan and Heritage & Society providing more jobs and a more sustainable product.


When we think of our growth and positive social impact, we believe there should be long term, progressive results such as a single weaver assembling a network of weavers and creating her own business! With your support we have been able to make a change for the better in so many people's lives all over the world. The NEW CDB [4.0], MCDB [4.0], Mini CDB [4.0] and Weekender [4.0] now have more beauty, more quality, more function, more sustainability, are more ethical and that makes them practically perfect


The former core collection of the CDB family will still be offered at its original price, until supplies last.


We will always be stronger when we stand together. Thank you again for your love and support.