The Nena Nursery Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

The Nena Nursery Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I wanted to do was start planning the Nursery!  When I found out I was having TRIPLETS all my nursery plans went out the window and I needed to start over.  More than anything I wanted functionality and simplicity, a nursery that was gender neutral, since my two girls and boy would be sharing a room that still spoke to my sense of style.  

My family has a tradition of buying your first crib as a family heirloom for the first child that uses it.  That being said, we wanted a really great quality item that could last another 25-30 years.  While I was visiting Newport Beach, my husband and I decided to wander into a children's boutique called Newport Cottages.  I immediately saw the Skylar crib and dresser and knew that this was the collection I wanted!  The dresser is my personal favorite.  I'm already designing a killer guest room (in my mind) that reuses the dresser after my kids out grow the nursery.  Let me tell you, these are QUALITY items. And wouldn't you know it, they are offering to donate $600 credit to the winner of this giveaway!  Oh so generous!  I want to win!

Next on my list was bedding for the babes. Since the cribs would be the focal point of our nursery and the sheets on a crib are always exposed, I wanted to choose a company that offered modern designs with neutral colors.  Hello Oilo Studio!  The lucky winner will also get $150 credit to their shop! 

I had mixed feelings on mobiles for the babies cribs.  I saw so many adorable mobiles, but most of them had adorable animals or other characters that didn't face down to the baby but were in the parents line of sight. I started looking for something that had more geometric shapes that could just keep the babies entertained.  I found this adorable shop on Etsy called Sprouting Co. and I loved her concepts!  Loved!  Lucky for me, I didn't have to pick just one favorite since I needed three:).  The owner of Sprouting Co. is offering a custom mobile to the winner of this giveaway!

During and post pregnancy, nothing seems to fit right.  I've always loved the Guatemalan and Mexican house dresses you can find in markets, but the problem is they are typically made poorly and literally fall apart while I'm wearing it or after the first wash.  Mikoleon is a company started by my mom and mentor, Cony Larsen and if you know anything about her, you'd know that anything she designs and manufactures is gold. I wore Mikoleon's colorful hand loomed dresses my entire pregnancy and everyday still!  Mikoleon is donating a house dress to the winner as well!

Last but certainly not least, we think every mom needs a Convertible Day Bag that offers busy moms free hands to handle baby without losing her cool cause the CDB screams boho babe! Valued at $298. 

Good luck to all! 

x - Ali Hynek

Founder and Creative Director of Nena & Co.




Newport Cottages was founded by Pockets and Cristina Alvarez, a couple who were starting a family and began shopping for furniture for their first nursery.  They were searching for something that had taste, quality, and could be used for years to come amongst all of their future children.  Both realized the market was very limited, so they decided to manufacture their own.  Little did they know they would create a business from this and end up manufacturing and distributing a high end line of baby and kids furniture worldwide through specialty shops, boutiques, and interior designers.  Over the years their customers include Tori Spelling, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, along with other well known celebrities.  All of their pieces are locally manufactured in Southern California, inspired by design elements from what surrounds our everyday lives and using modern architecture to sculpt only select hardwoods for their furniture collections.  Pockets and Cristina’s partnership makes for a powerful and successful dream.  While Pockets manufactures the product, Cristina implements her creative eye into the pieces.  You can find their pieces nationwide through fine furniture showrooms, as well as at their company owned retail location in Fashion Island, Newport Beach.  And if you think you’re already in love with this company, Newport Cottages wanted generously gift our last giveaway winner with a $600 store credit!  Let’s start shopping shall we?!

Cribs -

We also partnered with Oilo Studio, a children’s goods store offering the modern mama high quality designer level products, featuring clean, simple, and sophisticated aspects without breaking the bank!  Most recognized for it’s family oriented business feel, creator and founder Annalisa Thomas teamed up with her mother and co-founder Dorte Anderson, specializing in interior design and custom decor.  You’ll be able to shop for baby and kids bedding, lighting, pillow, gliders, poufs and so much more!  Oilo Studio products can be found in Nordstrom and other high-end stores.  Luckily to one fortunate winner, Oilo is offering a $150 store credit to invest into their child’s room!

Bedding and Pillows -

Mobiles by Sprouting Co. 


House Dress by Mikoleon


Shelves by Haase Handcraft





Wallpaper by Hygge and West





Dresser by Newport Cottages



Gliders by Babies R Us


Black Romper by Asos


Purple Dress by Asos