The history of the Convertible Day Bag

The history of the Convertible Day Bag

The Convertible Day Bag [CDB] has evolved over the years to reach the high quality, functionality and beautiful silhouette it is now known for. The evolution of the CDB has paralleled my personal life as I went from a globetrotter, to a business woman, to a mother who travels for work! 


2013 - The Market Bag

Did you know the CDB was inspired by simple bags I found in Guatemalan markets? When I was toying with the idea of starting Nena & Co., I wasn’t sure if Americans were interested in artisan made products from Guatemala. I started with a handful of items I found in markets, and quickly realized that while the market bag was eye catching because of its stunning woven fabrics, the construction and materials used for it were terrible. 



2013 - The Day Bag

I decided that I needed to establish myself as a brand, and in order to do so I would need to standardize the leather and hardware, and add my logo. The size of the new bag spoke to me, and I knew it was a bag someone could use every day for just about everything! I named the first official Nena & Co. product ‘The Day Bag’.


2014 - The Day Bag II

I began more frequent travel to Guatemala as I established the foundation of Nena & Co.; learning about weaving, leather, sourcing, and creating a network of artisans. I would take my Day Bag along with me, and found that while I loved the zip closure feature that protected items from falling out of my bag, I longed for outer pockets that would give easy access to items like keys or a water bottle. I was afraid to change the silhouette of The Day Bag because I had just begun to establish myself as a brand, and my customers loved the bag as it was. I decided to take a chance, and added two side pockets. I also made the decorative neckline of the huipil a functional front pocket instead of leaving it as a visual design. When it came time to give this new bag a name, I figured that when Apple updates the IPhone they don’t totally change the name; they keep it simple and add a number. I decided to name the new silhouette ‘The Day Bag II’. 



2016 - The Convertible Day Bag

And then there were 3...babies. Nena & Co. was growing and so was our family! After years of battling infertility we were blessed with triplets! Zero kids to three kids is a big undertaking, and as my belly grew, I found myself thinking about all of the things I would need once my babies arrived. I knew I would use a Nena & Co. bag as a diaper bag, but what I needed most were free hands to carry all those babies! With that in mind, I added removable backpack straps to The Day Bag and the ‘Convertible Day Bag’ made its debut alongside my motherhood. What I love most about the CDB is that it really suits every stage of life for me, and thousands of women around the world. Our demographic at Nena & Co. is so broad not only because of the Convertible Day Bag’s noticeable and unique beauty, but because of the functionality of the design and high quality, durable materials used in its construction. As my life changed throughout the years, the CDB adapted to my needs. What I love most is seeing how the CDB adapts to my customer’s needs in their ever changing lives!