Jan 12, 2017

Precious Cargo

Hi there! 
Olivia here from The Metal Romantic, a blog dedicated to style and motherhood.
Motherhood. One word, with so much weight. Motherhood is truly life's greatest blessing. For me, becoming a mother has made me into the woman that I was destined to be. As a new mom, I’m always discovering more and more reasons as to why I love being a mama. My son, Axel Hawk, at almost six months old, is the greatest part of my every day, he’s the reason for every little thing that I do.
All Photography  Christina Kelley
Now, where there’s babies, there’s also baggage, in the best meaning of the word. There’s just no such thing as carrying a teeny tiny clutch anymore to hold just your cell phone and money. Ha! Hate to break it to ya moms, but say goodbye to those days. That’s a distant memory as a mother. When you have children, it’s more of a “the bigger, the better” mindset when it comes to your “baggage". Why, you may ask? Well, to be frank…you need a hell of a lot of “stuff”, ALL the time! The one day that you choose to leave behind an extra change of clothing for your little one, is the same day that you will really NEED it! Trust me, it’s better to have EVERYTHING you may or may not need with you at all times, than to be missing the one thing you decided not to pack! 
My Nena & Co - One of a Kind Convertible Day Bag has been truly the greatest addition to my life on so many levels. Not only is it a super RAD bag to tote around, with beautiful designs, but it also has tons of room for the immense amount of stuff that you may need. On top of all of that, their philanthropic mission speaks to my soul, and I’m sure it will to yours as well.
What’s in my Nena bag, you may ask?!
I always always always carry with me a couple extra outfits for my little dude, just in case there’s an unexpected accident or an impromptu photo shoot. Burp Cloths. Diapers. Wipes. Bottles/food. Toys. Teethers. Just to name a few. Also, I never ever forget to pack a camera. My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is perfect for all of those on-the-go cute moments that happen ALL THE TIME!
Who needs a dull diaper bag when you can have a super cute and stylish “MOM BAG”? Dress it up, or dress it down and take it wherever you plan to go. The multi-use quality makes it easy to transform into whatever you may need. Backpack? Got ya covered. Cross body? Yep! Over the shoulder? Yep! Hand-held? That too! There's just so many different options for you to wear the favorite bag you'll ever have! Trust me, it will quickly become just that! #momlife
Mom to mom. Get one! You won't regret it!
The Metal Romantic