Nenabling with Ali: Oaxaca Video Series

Nenabling with Ali: Oaxaca Video Series

Week 1 - Welcome To Oaxaca

 We're bringing back my vlog series Nenabling (neh-nay-bling) with Ali! I first started this video series so you can follow along with me, Ali Hynek, as I talk about all things Nena and take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of our company!

My family and I have temporarily relocated to Oaxaca to connect with our weavers and Artisans down in Mexico. I want to show you their dyeing and weaving processes, the food, art, culture, and all things Oaxaca. I hope you follow along each week as we show new videos of the trip!

 Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Ali. I'm the CEO of Nena & Co., and I want to welcome you to Oaxaca! My family moved down here temporarily. We relocated for a couple of months so we could connect with our Artisans down here and make more progress with them.

So I would like to invite you to follow along in this series we put together that essentially is a tour of the things we've experienced in Oaxaca. We'll include everything from the people we've met along with the weavers and their dyeing processes to the traditional food and things to do around town.

I'm excited to show more of this place and it's culture with you!


Week 2 - Women Artisans and the Art of Weaving in Mexico

 It is so inspiring to meet with our weavers in Oaxaca. Their process is so intricate, and they dedicate an entire week to dyeing the wool, another week to washing the wool, and another week to spinning the wool. And all of this has to take place before they start weaving!

Fighting adversity is not a strange concept to the women who weave in the quiet village of Teotitlan. These women still experience discrimination in the workplace. They could use the same techniques and designs as a man, and still get paid less. Your purchase at Nena & Co. helps empower these women to sell their work for fair prices and improve the quality of living for their families. 


Week 3 - A Visit to Rocinante

Before we flew down to Oaxaca, I found Narcy's shop @rocinante_oaxaca on Instagram. I fell in love with her clothing and coordinated to meet her in her shop. In person I learned that each of her pieces is one of a kind and takes an incredible amount of work to complete.

Narcy designs each piece and then it could be taken to a weaver, an Artisan that crochets or embroiders, or a bead worker to add detail. Many pieces are made using multiple techniques from all over the state of Oaxaca so that it's not distinctly from one region but rather 100% Oaxacan!

I'm excited to share more of what she makes and something else really special! If you are interested in her pieces, you can DM her to shop. Please spread the love of this beautiful Artisan-made couture brand by sharing my visit with Narcy!



Video Transcript: 

I found this amazing boutique on Instagram called, Rocinante. I asked them if I could come and visit them because they make Artisan-made couture clothing. I’m so excited to go in and see! They’re actually going to let me use some of the clothes for a photo shoot too, so I’m excited to use local! Let me show you inside!

Week 4 - Pastora and the Women Weavers' Path To Entrepreneurship

Join me in the home of Pastora, the leader of the Vida Nueva weaving cooperative. The struggles her cooperative has faced during the pandemic and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur both speak to her strength and determination. I can’t wait for you to meet this amazing woman!



Week 5 - Meet Antonio And Discover His Motivation For Weaving

It was so moving to meet with the Sosa family and hear about Antonio's life goals, Weaving not only allows him to keep this tradition alive, but helps him support his family and save money for college where he one day hopes to study architecture.


On Sunday, February 28th, 2021, we will be helping Antonio and his family sell some of the rugs we don't need for bag panels. These rugs will be live on our site at 2pm PST on Sunday. All sales will go directly to the Sosa family.

There will be a $10 shipping rate from the Sosa's family in Oaxaca. you can expec t to receive your rug in 3-4 weeks. Thank you for your appreciation of this art form and willingness to support these amazing Artisans.


Week 6 - Luzirene's Passion for Natural Dyeing

Join me today as we hear from Luzirene Sosa — The one responsible for the beautiful colors woven in your bag. She comes from generations of weavers and is passionate about this knowledge that has been passed down to her!



Week 7 - Explore The Traditional Food in Oaxaca

This week I'm showing you some traditional food at the Zandunga restaurant here in Oaxaca! I never knew how much our taste buds were missing out until we ate this yummy food. Food is such an important part of the Mexican culture and we were loving every second of it! Grab your chips and salsa as we discover food in Oaxaca on this week’s Nenabling video.



Week 8 - Preserving Mexican Heritage

Join me this week as we hear from our weaver, Ededina Gonzales. Her love for weaving has helped her carry on this important part of her heritage, and she has been able to turn it into a business to support her family. Watch below to hear her inspiring story!



Week 9 - What is an Alebrije?

This week’s Nenabling with Ali, we are visiting a factory where they make alebrijes (or spirit animals — just like in the movie Coco)! Check out this week’s video to see my kids as they learn to mix their own paints, and create their own alebrijes.



Week 10 - A Chat With Silvia About Supporting Artisans in Mexico

In this weeks Nenabling video, I'm chatting with Silvia who works at Vida Nueva and helps them with their marketing efforts. She's the one who reaches out and connects with those who want to work with them, like me! Join us as we talk about the community and ways in which the Weavers could best receive support.



"We believe that when you help one woman, you are helping all women around the world."

Week 11 - Meet This Oaxacan Artist

In Week 11 of our Nenabling Video Series, Ali takes you to meet a talented Oaxacan Artist at the Burro Press Galaría! Watch now to learn more about her story and find out why and how she creates her beautiful screen print art.



Week 12 - The Legend of the Eagle

In this weeks Nenabling video, learn about The Legend of the Eagle in this small Guatemalan village and why the symbol of the eagle is so important to them!



Week 13 - Expression through Weaving

Join Ali this week as we hear from our weaver Romero Bautista. You may have purchased one of the rugs made by him and his family! He uses weaving as a way to express himself and his creativity!



Week 14 - A Mexican Style Birthday

Ali loves a good mariachi band! Join in on the fun as Ali and her kids celebrate her husband's birthday in Mexico. 



Week 15 - Weaving with Cotton

While most of our weavers in Mexico work with wool, Alfredo is a weaver that works with cotton. Check out today’s Nenabling video as he gives us a demonstration and history of how his family came into the weaving business.  



Week 16 - A Tasty Treat in Mexico

We had a little fun on this week’s Nenabling video. The kids were so brave and tried eating bugs! Check out the video to see they’re reaction!



Week 17 - Meet Yolanda

Join me this week as we hear from our weaver Yolanda Sosa. She is from Teotitlan del Valle and has been weaving for more than 40 years! She uses this skill to provide for her family. Thank you for the support you have shown the Sosa family by purchasing their rugs!



Week 18 - Monte Albán

In this last video of the Oaxaca Series of Nenabling with Ali, we are exploring the ancient ruins of Monte Albán. It’s the perfect place for the kids to run around and to learn a little more about ancient Mexican culture.

Thanks for following along with me as we explored Oaxaca!