Nena & Co. Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Nena & Co. Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Nena & Co. was founded to work with talented Artisans to create luxury bags and keep the dying art of weaving alive. While 2020 has been a trying time for many of us, we want to express our appreciation to all of you who choose to support us, a small business, during this time! 

As the holidays have arrived, we know that finding a meaningful gift is important especially within the right budget. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a fashion-lover, mother, adventurer, accessory aficionado, or your best friend, Nena & Co. has some amazing items to choose from! 

We know that the holiday season can be stressful especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts within a certain budget. To take a little of that stress away, we’ve categorized some of our favorite products by their value:

  • Gifts Under $50
  • Gifts Under $100
  • Gifts Under $250

Whatever the budget, every item has special meaning from the hands that create them to the symbols that are on them. Let’s look at some of our favorite items in these three categories!  

Gifts Under $50

flat lay of some nena & co. items priced below $50

Are you trying to find the perfect small item? We have some great choices in your price range! Let’s take a closer look at the Organizer Insert, Artisan Card Holder, AirPod Snap Case, Kenya Beaded Strap, and the Artisan Wristlet.

The Artisan Organizer Insert

flatlay of black bag organizer insert in both medium and full sizes.

This reversible Artisan Organizer Insert is a great budget-friendly option for you and a useful accessory for someone who is already a Nena & Co. bag lover. It comes in both medium and full sizes fitting seamlessly into The Perfect Bag while keeping any essentials inside easily accessible and of course, organized. These inserts include phone storage, pocket slips, mesh elastic pockets, and a zippered pouch for any and all accessories placed in the bag. Thinking your loved one could use a little organization in their handbag? This organizer insert would be a great choice! 

Artisan Card Holder

Flat lay of 4 different full leather artisan card holders from Nena & Co.

A cardholder can be a great gift for either her or him! Designed in multiple colors, this full leather Artisan Cardholder is a classy accessory to store credit cards and an ID. With the small D-ring located on the side, they can easily be connected to a wristlet, a keychain, or a utility strap for on-the-go errands and activities. 

Airpod Snap Case

Flat lay of Full Leather Apple Airpod Snap Cases

Does your loved one take their Airpods with them everywhere? If so, a protective case from Nena & Co. could be the perfect gift! These high-quality all-leather cases not only help protect Airpods from scratches but they also give them some added style. The leather comes in multiple colors with a removable mini pom attached to a small D-ring. The D-ring helps attach and secure the case to a wallet so your loved one can listen to music wherever they are!

Kenya Beaded Leather Key Fob

flat lay of four different Kenya Beaded Key Fobs

Add some style to your friend or loved one’s keychain by gifting a beaded leather tassel Kenya Key Fob! These tassels come in both cafe and tobacco leather with beautiful beadwork at the top. From our Kenya Collection, these keychains are handmade by women from several communities across the country. To use, simply attach the brass end clasp to a keychain and create a new look for keys instantly.

Artisan Chain Wristlet

Attaching a wristlet to keys, a wallet, or a clutch can be so useful! The wristlet’s loop allows the wrist to gently slip in between or your fingers to easily hold the items listed above. 

The added chain detail on the wristlet gives it a little more style and can be switched with any other wristlet. Simply unclip the old and clip the new!

Gifts Under $100

Gifts under $100 from Nena & Co.

Trying to stay under $100? Don’t stress! We have some beautiful gifts that totally fit in this holiday budget. Let’s take a look at the Perfect Clutch, Passport Case, Sunglasses Cases, the Little Boss Clutch, and OOAK bag straps.

 The Perfect Clutch

Flat lay of Perfect Clutches from Nena & Co.

Clutches can be the perfect low-maintenance accessory! Because they are on the smaller side, usually only essential items can be placed inside like keys, a cellphone, credit cards, and some cash —to name a few. We all love a meaningful gift especially with 2020 being such a heavy year for all of us. Gift a clutch to the person who needs to shed themselves of things that are weighing them down and focus on the essentials in life.  

Passport Case

Flat lay of Nena & Co. passport case in both black and tan leather

Does the person you’re shopping for love to travel? 2020 has definitely put a halt to many travel plans, but what better way to renew excitement for adventure and traveling in 2021 than a Nena & Co. passport case! There are several different passport case options to choose from. Opt for the all-leather option in both cafe and black leathers or go for a partial leather case lined with Artisan fabric that varies in pattern and placement.

Inside the case are inner pockets. On the left side are smaller pockets for credit cards and other identification cards to be secured, and on the right side is a larger pocket where the passport is placed. This beautifully handcrafted passport case can be the perfect hint for a much-needed trip! Head to the Gifts Under $100 page to see some options.

Sunglass Case

Flat lay of Nena & Co. sunglass cases in multiple artisan fabrics

Who wouldn’t want to protect their sunglasses with a one of a kind Artisan Sunglasses Case? Handcrafted by Artisans in Guatemala, the different options of colors create the perfect gift option for either her or him! Attached to the case is a removable pom and a D-ring, which is great for hooking your sunglasses to a utility strap or bag. Check out all the different color options by heading over to Gifts Under $100.

Little Boss Clutch

Flat lay of the LIttle Boss Clutch in both black and tan leather

Another style of clutch is the Little Boss Clutch! Smaller than The Perfect Clutch, this clutch can fit your essentials. Carry it solo or keep it in a bag for some added organization. Do you really have enough clutches? We think not!

OOAK Bag Strap

Flat lay of one of a kind bag straps in Mexico and Guatemala Collections

This gift is the perfect multifunctional strap that can add style or create a whole new look to any outfit! Some of our favorite ways to use these straps are the following:

  • Clip your OOAK strap onto your camera using some camera strap Converter Rings for some extra style.
  • Switch out your purse strap with a OOAK strap for a totally different look.
  • Hook your OOAK strap to a Micro Phone Bag  for a crossbody phone case statement. 

From both our Guatemala and Mexico Collections, these straps are handmade by Artisans and are completely one of a kind, meaning no two straps look exactly alike. Gift a one of a kind strap to someone who you think is one of a kind!

Gifts Under $250

Flatlay of Gifts under $250 from Nena & Co. like Voyager bag, Utility Straps, and Nenitas.

We also have some great larger items in between $100 to $250 such as the Voyager bag, Kenya Beaded Straps, and Utility Straps. Let’s take a closer look!

Voyager Bag

 Flat lay of a Voyager Bag from Nena & Co.

Does the person you’re shopping for love to be outside? The Voyager bag is great for beach days, farmer’s market days, also great to fold up and include in your travel bag just in case you end up needing extra storage on your trip. It’s part of our Artisan Collection and comes in many Artisan patterns such as Thrive, Baya Vino, Sol, Rio, and Tierra celestial to name a few. Check out our website to see which designs we have available!

Kenya Beaded Strap

Flat lay of four Kenya leather beaded straps

These beautifully beaded mocha leather straps with colorful accents can be used as camera straps, bag straps, and even phone straps. Made by Artisans in Kenya, anyone with a camera and/or a love for statement pieces will need one of these! Each strap is incredibly detailed with its own color scheme and design. With 6 different patterns (a few neutral designs and a few brighter designs), you’ll be able to find the right one to fit every personality or style.

To attach them to a desired product, simply use the clasps to attach the strap to D-rings located on a bag, phone, or camera strap converter rings. Once attached, you or the recipient of your gift will be able to add some style and create a whole new look. Shop this gift now!

Utility Strap

Flat lay of Utility Straps with black and cafe leather and artisan fabrics

The Utility Strap is the perfect addition for our add-on system! WIth two clasps located on either side of the strap, hook a most-used accessory for easy access instead of digging through the bag. Some of our favorites to hook onto a Utility Strap are the Perfect Clutch, an Airpod Case, or a Sunglasses Case.

The Utility Straps come in Cafe or Black full leather, or a combination of leather and Artisan fabric!Collect different Utility Straps to complete different looks with each of your bags. Head over to our site to see what’s available!

Holiday Shop With Us at Nena & Co.

During this 2020 holiday season, shopping small is more important than ever! We appreciate the love and support we’ve gotten during these difficult times.

Our mission to create beautiful products and celebrate the artistry of different cultures isn’t possible without our Artisans! Being able to help them continue to show their talents through weaving while earning livable wages is only possible because of each of you. For that, we can’t thank you enough! Continue your holiday shopping and get some meaningful, handwoven gifts.