Dec 19, 2018

Nena and Co. Artisan Auction 2019

We want you to get to know the wonderful people behind the Nena & Co. product you love so much! Our Annual Artisan Charity Auction is a chance for our Nena and Co. tribe in the USA to give back to weavers, pom pom maker, craftsmen/women and dreamers in Guatemala! Our Nena and Co. artisans made the showcased each of these products from start to finish! Their challenge was 1) make a Nena & Co. time from start to finish and 2) to think outside the box and add their own special touch, which we dare you to spot! This means our Artisan Auction bags are extra special and makes them truly ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND by incorporating details never seen before! 100% of the profits made during the auction goes directly to the crafter’s hands. Nena and Co.’s Artisan Charity Auction is a wonderful way for you to get to know the faces behind the Guatemala Nena Team and also helps the artisan have an extra special holiday season!
Enjoy this preview of the bags to come this Saturday at 7am PST!