Apr 02, 2019

Meet Christian: The Designer and Mastermind behind the Iris Mini Floral CDB!

Meet Christian and the Iris bag (named after his wife): The designer and mastermind behind the Iris Mini Floral CDB! Christian won the Artisan Auction with this bag, and we just had to produce it because of its beauty! Read below to see what he said about his creation and inspiration.
"Yo me inspire primero en mi futuro bebé para pagar los gastos médicos: poder ganar la confianza de mis empleadores y para poder aportar ideas para el beneficio de la empresa."
" First, I was inspired by my future baby, to pay for the medical expenses of my baby born in June: to earn the trust of my employers, and to contribute ideas for the benefit of the company."
-Cristi án Gait án
The Iris Mini CDB is a brand new, never before seen addition to our H&S line! It has the beautiful H&S lining, as well as leather binding on the front pocket. What makes these bags unique is that every single floral pattern is different! Each bag is made with one floral Huipil, which covers the front and back of the bag. These Mini CDBs are named after his wife Iris.
Best of luck snagging one of these highly sought bags. We hope you enjoy!