Aug 01, 2019

Introducing Artisan’s Choice Serenity by The House of Romy

The more we learn about weaving in Guatemala, the more we understand how deep and intricate the process is that goes into the development to create fabric woven by foot loom and back strap. We learned quickly that the best way to understand more about the weaving process was to listen, observe and ask questions.  As we would develop Nena fabrics we came to find it was best to show the artisan a concept and not just ask if they could bring that design into their weaving but equally as important was to ask how they do it. This is how we have learned to co-design with our weavers, by trial and error. The depth of knowledge one must have to know the creative limitations and possibilities of weaving is staggering. At Nena & Co. we love to create original colorways combined with traditional Guatemalan woven patterns and so our US office collaborates with our Guatemalan weavers to produce the Artisan Collections which you see about once a month as a new release.

To continue our education of weaving and to learn more from our master weavers; we asked them to take the time to feel inspired, design and create a fabric that spoke to them personally. We gave no feedback on colors or patterns, because we want the weaver/artist to take 100% of the creative reins and go! We learn so much from this process! This month we are excited to present to you The Artisan’s Choice called Serenity by The House of Romy.