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HI everyone! My name is Taylor! What sums up my life in a nutshell: Wife to Robert, Mommy to Evie girl and Nnaj, and the newest addition to our family, Theodore, our 10 week old golden doodle pup. I stay busy playing the roles of wife and momma, and on the side I write, blog, and do a little traveling here and there. Our family loves fashion. On our free days, we go to the mall, grab a bite to eat, and walk around as if we weren’t just there the day before. Even if we don’t purchase anything, we enjoy windows shopping!


Today, lets talk “How To Style Your Man.”

This is the question that 99.9 % of women have to ask themselves when it comes to “their guy”. Ladies, lets get real, most men have no clue how to put an outfit together, and that is totally okay! This is why women play such a vital role in a mans life, to help them look good, and by look good, I mean, dress with a little style. However, I will admit, my situation is unique, because my husband is Mr. GQ. He loves fashion more than me. He shops more than me. He spends more money on clothes than me. Like, how does this even work?  Talk about beneficial! Although he out-shops me, every item he purchases, I allow myself the privilege of getting an item as well, because that just seems fair.  Am I right? 

1+1 = 2.


He purchases a new outfit, well of course, I purchase a new outfit also. Which leads me to my favorite subject of the day today, His + Hers Nena & Co bags.


As soon as Robert and I laid eyes on these travel bags, they became a “must have”. We travel a ton, therefore, we can never have too many totes. We not only love the uniqueness and creative craftsmanship of each item, we also love what the brand stands for!

 The simplicity of this bag makes it quite simple to style.

First and foremost, this is a timeless piece to have in your closet.

In my opinion every male/ female could use a neutral-cognac colored, leather travel bag.

The best news is that you don’t have to choose whether you want to dress up or dress more casual.

The color and style gives you the opportunity to have either option.

Today, Hubby chose to go with a distressed-denim, white shirt, and an oversized,  light-weight jacket as a layering piece. Side note: layering is always a good thing when its done right.   

While choosing the neutrals for his over all look, this gave room to allow the bag to shine as a great accent piece.

 For all you Daddy’s out there, this is a stylish diaper bag, making room for all the diapers, wipes, bottles you need, while still looking good! Being parents of 2 little ones, we cannot leave the house without a bag full of baby essentials. Why not carry with style? Right?

 Great mission + great quality + great style = MUST HAVE

 Thanks Nena&Co for the opportunity to share on why our family loves you so much!

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