How to Host the olympics for all your neighborhood kids by Melisa Osmond

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Hey Everyone, I’m Melisa Osmond and I love having fun with my kids.  A Fun thing to do to celebrate America is host a Kids Olympics.

To make it fun for kids we had all the events and Olympic games.  I went to Zurcher's and got the best Olympics décor and medals, but everything else I found in my garage.  So here are the fun things we did for our neighborhood Kid Olympics.   You will have fun doing it in your neighborhood too.  GO TEAM USA

Opening Ceremonies Parade:

This is like a mock little Parade of Nations.  You can get all your kids and neighbor kids together and march around.  Have a torch and walk down the street in a big group.  The kids loved it and all the parents watched.   The kids held flags from all the different countries and they learned about what Country they were representing.  The kids in my neighborhood loved seeing what flag they would hold.  We then said “Let the Games Begin and they all jumped in the air.”  It was really cute. Parents loved taking pictures and the kids felt like little super stars. 

Compete in the GAMES:

Olympic Bike Race

The kids got on their bikes, big wheels, scooters, mini cars, or whatever they had and we had a little bike race in our Cul De Sac.  We had winners for the fastest and coolest bike.  Our winners podium were three stools from Ikea.  One taller in the middle and two matching stools on the ends.  You can use anything from home or be super creative and make something.  The kids loved standing on them with their Medals. 

Olympic Gymnastics: 

We got the all the little girls and did a Gymnastics Competition; they even did a Gymnastics floor routine, best hand stand, cartwheels, and best back bend. They did the splits, and pyramids. They were so cute.

Olympic Slip N Slide:

We did a Slip n Slide Competition.   The kids loved competing in this game.  We did longest slide, fastest slide and even shortest slide.  I even went down it a few times and it was tons of fun.  Make sure to have a sprinkler going and break out the dish soap for some extra slide!!

Olympic  Relay Race:

We did a really fun Relay Race at our park and for our baton we used a trusty paper towel holder.  The kids loved running and racing the other relay teams.  This is always a fun classic one.

Olympic 50M Dash

We had a banner I got from Zurchers and had the kids race to the banner, while moms held it. They were so excited to run full speed ahead.

Olympic Ring Toss:

The little kids loved this.  We had a 2 liter bottle of lemonade and had the pool diving rings and had them throw the rings around the bottle.  Always a win. 

Olympic Basketball Hoop Throw

Another fun one we did for little and big kids was throw a basketball through a pool tube.  We Made it tricky and easy depending on the child. 

Olympic High Jump With a Pool Noodle

We kept the pool theme going and did a High Jump.  They had to jump over the pool noodle.  We made it harder for the older kids.  The little ones were so cute jumping over and they loved it.

Olympic Best Cannon Ball

We went over to our community pool for the swimming portion of our games.  Of course the kids loved beating the heat for some fun competition.  Of course you have to do Best cannon ball.  A kid favorite!

Olympic Swim

Other Swimming games were: Fastest Swim across the pool, Who could hold your breath across the pool the longest, and back stroke were some we did.  You could so many, even best belly flop if your brave.

Closing Ceremonies


 At the end of our events we had a closing ceremonies.  The kids loved it and everyone who participated got a medal to keep.  If you are a super Crafty mom there are so many fun things you could make and create. It can be as creative and crafty as you want or as simple as you want.  Kids are sure to have fun no matter what.  They love being with their friends, competing, and getting any  little trinket to take home.  We closed our games with donuts, cupcakes and waters.  We then had our party and concert of course, as we played Juicy Wiggle and dance music and the kids danced away.  It was such a blast.

Final Thoughts

Your kids are sure to love this.  The kids will have a ball and they will always remember it.  They will love having races, swimming, bike races, and parades.  This will ignite in them the love for the Olympics and America.  They will love cheering on the Americans and get the kids proud of our great Country.  I’m excited for you to host a Kids Olympic Games too.  Go Team USA and Happy celebrating America!

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