How To Fold Your Convertible Tote Throw

How To Fold Your Convertible Tote Throw

Summer is calling and with the new Convertible Tote Throws, your summer adventures can be much more convenient. A throw and a bag in one can be used in so many ways:

  • For a picnic
  • At a park
  • During a playdate
  • For a sporting event

Watch the video below and feel free to follow along on how to fold your Convertible Tote Throw!


Step 1: Face Throw with Bag-Side Facing Down

Ensure that the throw is placed bag-side facing down, strap side facing up. Fold the left side ⅓ inward.

Step 2: Fold Bag in Thirds the Long Way

Fold the left side inward again, so the throw is folded in thirds. Smooth out.

Step 3: Fold Bag Downward

Starting from the top (not the bag-side), fold 10-inch sections downward 3 times.

Step 4: Flip and Stash Fabric Inside

Flip the throw over the opposite side and stash the fabric inside the bag.

Step 5: Create Bag Flap Covering

Flip the fabric covering to close the bag and reveal the strap.

You’re all set!