Guest blogger Dani Krum shares her positively baby shower series

Guest blogger Dani Krum shares her positively baby shower series

Hi loves!! My name is Dani Marie Krum and I am the babe behind Dani Marie a style + lifestyle blog. I am so excited to be here chatting with you babes about a baby shower that I put on with my best friend Jess from Positively Oakes that is for deserving mama's!

Jess came to me last year asking me to be a part of something that she started in Boise Idaho. She put on a shower for about 50 deserving mama's in the Idaho area to come during a special time in their life to be spoiled and feel nothing short of amazing. When she told me about this event my heart was instantly filled with so much love. I couldn't say yes fast enough! Jess and I planned our first shower together in Salt Lake City last October. You can see more about it here. Mama's are nominated by their friends, husbands, family members, neighbors, or maybe someone they knew a few years ago to come to our shower. There is no cost to anyone who attends, it is all on us and the companies who donate to spoil these mama's. We get an email with their story and why they should deserve to come. These emails pull at our heart strings more than anything. We then pray and carefully choose the mama's who get to come which is the hardest part! At our Salt Lake shower 75 mama's came had lunch on us, were spoiled with amazing swag bags filled with everything from drool bibs and bottles to binky clips and blankets and won giveaway prizes from cribs to carseats and so much more. When our Salt Lake shower was over we knew we wanted to make it bigger and better. We started working on our third shower together and everything came together amazing.

In March Jess and I took on New York City with 55 deserving mama's who all came to be spoiled again. All the details for that shower are here. It was absolutely soul filling. There is no way to explain how full my heart is when these mama's are all there with tears in their eyes. Some mama's cried that they couldn't afford a carseat and they had won one in our giveaways, others had tears filled that this was their rainbow baby and they felt so special that someone would care to make sure they knew they were supported and loved. These showers are the greatest thing I have ever been a part of. We are currently planning our fourth shower and can't wait to announce where it will be in just a few weeks! With all the traveling to go to venues, meet with companies donating monetary sponsorships, product, time, etc. I always take my weekender bag! I love that it is perfect to carry on to the plane stuffed with everything from my laptop to my snacks and a change of clothes, and then the perfect thing to carry into meetings, and around the city when it isn't as full. The pockets keep everything organized so I can find everything on the go especially when I am in a rush. I love the backpack straps for when I am running to catch a flight or sight seeing.

When I am at home I love to use my weekender bag as my go to bag. My little boy is 2 1/2 now so I generally carry diapers, snacks, and all the toys that he feels is necessary to take with us that day. Most days it is everything from 7 tractors, 2 Lego guys, his "worker" hard hat, and a change of shoes, ya know just in case he needs to run. I love that I let him just put whatever he wants in it because it fits it all and I can still keep my mama must haves in there too like my wallet, lipgloss, spare phone charger, and a protein bar. You won't catch me without my weekender bag with me, it truly is my go to and my must have for at home and on the go!

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