Brittany Jepsen - Bloom

Brittany Jepsen - Bloom

This year at Nena & Co., we are highlighting one powerful and inspiring woman with each of our monthly Heritage & Society launches. Each of our H&S bags has a beautiful meaning and inspirational story behind it, and we'd like to share these stories through women and their own unique experiences. 

Weaving is a way of telling a history or story of the past and the present. Each symbol in a master weavers design can tell you of a religious belief, a bit about one's lifestyle, it can speak of the local terrain, or fables passed down from generation to generation.  Each H&S design has a significant meaning that we feel needs to be told.

This collection was created to empower women in Guatemala by providing them with ethical wages and helping preserve the dying art of weaving that is a means to express herself and take pride in.

We want the message of taking pride in who YOU are to be passed along to woman in the USA and around the world! In an effort to redefine what beauty means, each Heritage and Society release will be represented by an unexpected iconic woman.  Each Icon was chosen to help interpret the age-old symbolism on the each H&S bag and to help us apply that symbolism to our everyday life by sharing inspiring life changing experiences or everyday stories that we can all relate to. Sharing our personal journey can be the best way to help celebrate our uniqueness as women but also to share our commonalities.



We asked Brittany to be our Bloom Icon because she represents growth, and beauty in creativity! 

Brittany is an established interior designer and a passionate creative. She runs the website The House that Lars Built and has published a book, Craft The Rainbow.

Check out our Q&A with Brittany!

Q: What does creativity mean to you

A: I applaud creativity when you see something that's common but then think how can I change it up?

Q: Where did you gain confidence in yourself and your sense of style?

A: I attribute a lot of my confidence to my sister...she had this style that she was unabashed about and I was like, yeah! Why do we care what other think of what we wear? So I gained a lot of confidence from my little sister!

Q: What's something that describes who you are?

A: You know when you're a little kid and you're saying your prayers, I remember saying, thank you for color, it's just always been innate.

 Watch the video below to hear her story!