Artist Feature: Mika Shimoda of ooakshell

Artist Feature: Mika Shimoda of ooakshell

Nena & Co. will always have a special love for small businesses. Our founder, Ali, started this company with a dream and a vision hoping to share them with the world. Without the help of family, friends, and all of you, we wouldn't be where we are. Because we know what it's like to be at the start of an entrepreneurial journey, amplifying the voices of smaller artists and creators who align with our handmade one of a kind values is important to us.

Woman sitting on her island getting ready to tie dye with a Nena & Co. bag in front of her.

A Q&A with Mika Shimoda

For this Artist Feature, we're spotlighting a member of our very own Nena community, Mika Shimoda, who is the creator of ooakshell. ooakshell creates tie-dyed headbands, silk-dyed scrunchies, and adjustable hair ties that are absolutely beautiful. Each item is tie-dyed and sewn by hand, and all of them are one of a kind! Join us as we ask Mika some questions and explore her entrepreneurial journey with ooakshell.

How Did You Get Started With ooakshell?

I started at the end of 2018 because regular headbands weren't working for me. I had postpartum hair loss and headbands weren't fitting me properly. I created one that was wide and fully adjustable, and I started dyeing them myself to match my colorful Nena bags. I actually started cutting, sewing, and dyeing at my mom's house. Then I would post a photo of myself wearing one with a Nena bag in a Nena group, and that's how I got my customers.

How Does Your Artwork Fulfill You?

I've always loved flea market flip, making knickknacks out of nothing, so when I was trying to find a headband solution that worked for me, the process of making it was fun. It's rewarding that women having that same problem, or women in general can have a boost of confidence from wearing these headbands. They’re wearable art!

Where Can People Find ooakshell?

You can find ooashell on multiple online channels. The main social media platfroms ooakshell uses are Instagram and Tiktok. Ooakshell also has a Facebook group for its community and a website where you can buy her amazing headbands and other hair accessories.

women sitting on the island in her kitchen reaching into a tie dye Nena & Co. bag

A Nena x ooakshell Collaboration

We've partnered up with Mika to incorporate her tie-dye into our silhouettes. There will be Perfect Bags in both Full and Medium sizes, Farmer's Market Totes, Sonias, Weekenders, Everything Clutches, and Manny Packs! They'll be available to the public on August 13th, 2021 at 7am and 7pm PST. Because of the tie-dye nature, each one is one of a kind and will come in in either cafe or slate leather of your choosing. Set your alarms! You don't want to miss this drop.

Try Your Own Tie-Dye Project

Curious to try some tie-dye art for yourself? Mika takes us through a step by step tutorial on how to tie-dye your own Denim Voyager Bag. The method she uses is called Ice Dye which creates a beautiful, less structured look. Check it out now!


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