"All Shades Welcomed, No Shade Allowed" Collaboration

"All Shades Welcomed, No Shade Allowed" Collaboration

When we came across the artwork of Shae from @sheisthisdesigns we knew we had to collaborate and create something beautiful. We decided that using a sun-reactive indigo dye on our sustainable upcycled denim would be a creative way to convey Shae’s message “All shades welcomed. No shade allowed.”

We will be having a week-long auction beginning Monday June 8th, at 3 PM PST for this truly one of a kind upcycled denim bag featuring the artwork of Shae Anthony. 100% of the proceeds from this one of a kind bag will be donated to the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. 




Get to know Shae Anthony

Hey, I'm Shae, the loud laughing, color-happy face behind SHE IS THIS. Usually you can find me building something over at Skoope Home but recently I was bitten by another creative bug. I started SHE IS THIS as a way to inspire women of color and beyond - young and old to not just embrace their skin, but celebrate it and everything it comes with.

 Curly, coily, chocolate, caramel, freckles, moles  -  It's all beautifully stunning and worth sharing. I hope you can see yourself in one of my illustrations and know that every bit of that shade of brown you're wearing is perfection. There is no wrong way to BE YOU.

Our Q&A with Shae

Where are you from/where do you call home now?

I'm from Atlanta, GA. Born and raised. I live a little outside of the city now but I'm an ATL girl through and through.


What does a normal day in the life of you look like? Where do you work? Do you have a pet? Anything for us to get to know you. 

Well by day, I'm a full time visual merchandiser. It's more strategy and quick thinking creativity but I enjoy it a lot. I get to illustrate on my off days lol. I currently don't have any pets but I adore dogs. I've always had one, sometimes two at a time, but it's been about four years since I was a dog mom and I miss it so much! Thankfully I get to love on my parents' dogs. I like to think of myself as a do-it-all kind of girl. I've made pillows, jewelry, greeting cards, furniture, handbags, paintings, prints. You name it, I've tried it.


Tell us about your background as an artist and what got you to this point?

I graduated from SCAD in 2011 and haven't stopped making since. I went between majoring in fashion marketing and management and interior design, ultimately deciding to go the fashion route. Ironically, my other venture, Skoope Home is completely focused on interiors. Life is funny that way sometimes.  

She Is This was actually born thanks to Skoope Home. I was in a HomeGoods on day shopping for art and I came across these two beautifully illustrated portraits of black women. I was floored because I'd never seen anything like them sold in a popular chain store. About two weeks later, I started She Is This.


How did you decide to name your shop “She is This”?

When I sat back and thought about what I wanted my illustrations to say, it was all about inspiring women to be who they want to be, not who others thought they were. You can't tell her who she is, she'll tell you. It's such an unfinished phrase because she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My drawing style is very similar to how I style and decorate my home. I love patterns, color and clean lines so my home definitely inspired the style of my art. People often tell me my illustrations are minimalist which is funny because that's what I'd consider my home style to be.


How would you describe your personal style? 

This one is tricky. I have a very clean style, but I always have to add a little something unexpected to the outfit. Think a blazer with ripped jeans and then a tie for some reason. I love having fun with my clothes and adding elements to my looks that are unexpected. I love being an individual and having that resonate through my clothes brings me a lot of joy.


Who are some of your muses or inspirations?

Life-wise, my mom. Every creative bone in my body came from her. There's nothing she can't make and if she doesn't know how to make something, she'll try it anyway. She taught me how to sew, starting me on this creative journey of mine and I haven't looked back. Art-wise, I really draw from Dali and Basquiat. I learned about both artist while in college and while their styles are artistically different, the representations are very similar to me. They both remind me to not create what you think people want to see, but to create how and what you want to and people will look.


What is your favorite medium to work in? 

Raw wood actually! I really love building furniture so in the last few years it's just been me, a slab and a bottle of wood glue taking the world by storm! 


If you could go back 10 years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

I'd definitely tell myself to get out there, show your face. Don't hide behind your business, be the face of it. People love knowing the person behind the places they shop, especially when it comes to small businesses.


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? 

In that time frame, I'd love for She Is This to be doing exactly what it was started to do — to help girls and women of all colors to love and celebrate the skin (and textures) they're in. Also, a dog would be nice!


What are some of your favorite Black owned shops, designers, and artists that you would like to share?

Artist: Grace @gracebyelizabeth 

Artist: Tara @artofbeingtara 

Designer: Kel @shoprkitekt

Artist: Bethany @bethanytbf86

Sewist: Aaronica @needleandthebelle


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