Ali's Hospital Must-Have's

Ali's Hospital Must-Have's

As you probably know by now, Ali had her 4th baby, Santiago, just a few weeks ago! She's relishing in the joys of motherhood, and wanted to share her go-to's for her hospital delivery.Ā 

Here are Ali's favorite hospital must-have's:

1. Nena & Co. Twilight Desert Weekender

2. Tubby Todd Bath Co Belly Oil and Travel Kit

3. Pink Blush Robe

4. Nordstrom Pajama Set

5. Earth Mama Deodorant, Milkmaid Tea, Nipple Cream, Perineal Balm and Spray

6. From Scratch Lip Balm, Lavender Room Spray, Lavender Salve, Eye mask

7. Saranoni Blanket

8. Scrunchy


We hope you enjoy these suggestions! Drop us a comment below if you've tried any of these and let us know what your favorite delivery products are.

Welcome to the world baby Santi!