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Posted by Ali Hynek on

From newly bloomed flowers, to birds singing in the morning, we can finally welcome spring back! With Easter right around the corner, we wanted to share how WE celebrate Easter! Hopefully those creatives juices are starting to flow and if you are ever wanting to brighten up your style, always remember, Nena never disappoints!

Sometimes the same old picnic blankets can get boring and you just want something new and exciting. Adding one of our Sustainable Beach Throws is sure to turn some heads and engage conversation. While chatting about your hand loomed throw that came straight from Guatemala, relaxing on the grass never looked so good!


Now don’t feel like your Nena bag is limited to one use, because it seriously can do just about EVERYTHING! Before you dust off your wicker basket from last year, switch it up with a new, unique easter basket, like our Vintage Day Bag II's!  Your little munchkin will be able to hold more eggs than they could have imagined! With their intricate details and fun pops of color, these beauties can go from an easter egg hunt to a night out on the town in no time!

While you're at it, check out our Nena Kiddos Collection! With our Summer Rompers, the chocolate bunnies aren't going to be the only thing you'll want to gobble up! Seriously, they will look so cute!

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