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keep moving forward by annmarie beacham

Posted by Aly Saifoloi on

We all live a story.  We are constantly changing with the ebb and flow, moving with the current, at times struggling against the current, but ultimately striving to push ourselves ever forward.  Searching for bigger and better things.  Searching for light, freedom, happiness, comfort.  Searching for a way out, or perhaps a way in.  We are all searching for something.  Ask anyone.

It is not lost on me that out of heartbreak and darkness come new beginnings.  Brighter days, even.  That in holding steadfast through the storm, we can find ourselves refreshed.  Cleansed.  Brand new.  I may not know much but I can tell you this:  make the hard decisions.  Follow the ever forward moving current.  There is a whole world of light and joy and movement that you will find yourself in the center of when you look up and realize the life that you always wanted, always dreamed about, exists.

There will be hard days.  But they will not last.  None of this is permanent in your story, it is simply your becoming.  So on the days when the corners seem a little darker and the wind whips your hair a little stronger, hold steady.  A new dawn is coming, and the cool morning air will kiss your temples and breathe new life into your tired heart.

It’s like the morning after you’ve hunkered down and weathered a devastating storm.  One that rocked your windows and threatened the roof that kept you safe.  One that made you crawl into bed with your best friend, or your sister, or your lover, or your mom; one that provided a respite from life where words could be whispered that otherwise could not.  It’s the moment when you wake up and you realize that you survived something.  It’s the moment when the sun is pouring through the window and you hear the birds welcoming the day and there is a blanket of peace and simple joy that was not present before.

-Annmarie Beacham | follow along on Instagram @threeleavesco