Ali Hynek's Favorites

Ali Hynek's Favorites

In honor of Ali Hynek’s birthday this weekend, we wanted to share with you some of her favorite things! Supporting small business is so important to Ali and our Nena & Co. team, so we want to share some of her favorites with you.

Ali’s Favorite Skin Care

Jan Marini Skin Research is a woman-owned, clean skincare company! They make products for women and by women to help people take care of their skin.

Ali’s Favorite Athleisure Wear

Because social distancing and working from home are more prevalent these days, the popularity of athleisure wear has increased dramatically. With its comfortable material, this style is the perfect “go-to” outfit for an effortless look.

Ali’s favorite brand for athleisure wear is MATE the Label, known for being a clean essentials brand that prides themselves in slow fashion and sustainability. MATE the Label’s clothes are comfy and safe with all of the materials being non-toxic, organic, and natural.

Ali’s Favorite Sheets

When it comes to bed sheets, Cozy Earth is Ali’s number one choice! Their sheets feel softer and of higher quality than other brands she’s tried and their mission supports her values of giving a great product, producing responsibly, and using natural materials.

Ali’s Favorite Dresses

Do you care about Mother Earth? Ali sure does which is why she loves Christy Dawn when looking for dresses! This company is all about honoring and healing both Mother Earth and ourselves by providing sustainably-made dresses. We love this quote that describes its mission in greater detail:

“A dress can only be considered beautiful if the process used to produce it preserves the integrity and beauty of the Earth and her people. When deciding what to wear, we have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact of that process.”

Some of the ways they implement sustainable practices are by repurposing fabric, using organic cotton and natural or organic dyes, and working with Artisans (like us) to create dresses that can last a lifetime. And they’re beautiful! If you’re into sustainability or simply want some dresses that can last, shop Christy Dawn.

Ali’s Favorite Jewelry

Mercedes Salazar creates contemporary jewelry and fashion accessories that are handmade by master Artisans in Colombia. Ali first fell in love with their intricate and beautifully-crafted earrings.

Mercedes Salazar, who is from Colombia, went to school to learn how to make jewelry. After years of creating, she started this company with the goal to immerse ancestral techniques from across the country into the jewelry-making process. Just like Nena & Co., Mercedes Salazar aims to celebrate her culture and the incredible Artisinal talents that come with.

These jewelry pieces are not simple by any means as each is carefully handcrafted with meaning. If you’re in search to support more companies that work with Artisans and celebrate culture, explore Merecedes Salazar!

Ali’s Favorite Home Decor

Have you heard of The Citizenry? For home decor, this is one of Ali’s favorites! Like Nena & Co., the Citizenry also works with Artisans and designers across different cultures and continents to offer handmade goods. They believe that “our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose”. In order to do just that, they blend their modern style with local materials and time-tested techniques to create high-quality home decor.

Check out their amazing products or to learn more about their mission by visiting The Citizenry now!

Ali’s Favorite Rugs

Although Canary Lane has many amazing finds, Ali especially loves their one of a kind rugs! Each collection is created as they travel the globe to find and carefully select textiles for your home. Meredith MacDougall, the founder, first traveled to Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco and fell in love with the beauty and authenticity of the textiles. After traveling to 30 countries total, she decided to start this company.

As proud Nena lovers, we all appreciate the beauty of one of a kind. If you’re looking for a new rug, check out Canery Lane!

Ali’s Favorite Makeup

Owning a small business herself, Ali is always looking to support other entrepreneurs. When it comes to makeup, Shine Cosmetics is currently on the top of her list! This local woman-owned brand based out of Utah aims to remind women that only they can define their own beauty. 

We often get caught up in what others tell us is beautiful, but beauty can mean so many different things. Shine want you to decide! If you’re ready to define and embrace your beauty, check out Shine Cosmetics.

Ali’s Favorite Shoes

Ali’s favorite shoes right now are from Golden Goose! The brand is heavily influenced by Italian heritage and believes that things should be lived in, distressed, and touched with life.

Learn more about Golden Goose’s unique mission and check out their shoes!

Ali’s Favorite Swimwear

If you’re needing a new swimsuit, Ali recommends Marysia Swimwear as it’s one of her go-to’s! Marysia Dobrzanska, the founder and CEO of Marysia, created this luxury swimwear brand because of her experience with wearing leotards and wetsuits throughout her life. Because she has been thinner and bigger throughout her life, she hopes every woman who wears her brand feels amazing! What makes her brand unique is the ribbed silhouette along with the comfort, versatility, and detail.

Check out Marysia Swimwear now!

Ali’s Favorite Workwear

When Ali’s not relaxing in Athleisure wear, she loves her wardrobe pieces from ANINE BING and how they make her feel confident and empowered. This brand is another example of how Ali strives to stay true to her love for sustainability as ANINE BING designs are sourced from high quality fabrics and materials to last!

If you’re looking for some workwear or pieces that make you feel like the boss you are, shop at ANINE BING.

Ali’s Favorite Pajamas

Shop Doen is another favorite of Ali’s especially when it comes to pajamas! This LA-based brand is women-owned and aims to support women in all aspects of the organization, supply chain, and community as well as the Slow Fashion Movement. Their pajamas are super soft and are made of natural fabrics, timeless wardrobe pieces, and ethically sourced materials. Check Shop Doen out now!

Ali’s Favorite Music

If you're wanting some throwbacks to listen to, we highly suggest you check out this playlist that has some of Ali's favorite songs!

We hope this list of Ali’s favorites helps you to find some more brands you love as well as find something to spoil yourself with this Valentine’s Day!