A Holistic Revival of Self

A Holistic Revival of Self

A Letter from Ali, Founder and CEO of Nena & Co. 

I am entering into not only a new year, but a new decade. It is time to leave behind toxic energy and embrace a Holistic Revival. When I think of my future, I glance to my roots for the rights that were done right and the wrongs that were done wrong. I reflect on them and move forward. I bring back the natural, the simple, sustainable, and traditional elements that have built this world’s successes and mine. I turn toward the things that will last through the years.

True beauty and happiness comes from within, so I will establish goals, mantras and routines that make me feel my best. I will take the time to wash my face the long way, cut back the unnecessary clutter, give more willingly, make more thoughtful purchases, check in with my heart’s needs, and cement the relationships that matter.

Remember to find a balance between health, happiness and renewability. Now is the time to be mindful and present with my decision making, assuring that what is brought into my life are things that will strengthen my mind and body for upcoming opportunities and made to last.

Be present, Be thoughtful, Be ME.

Love, Ali


We invite you to join us this season in a Holistic Revival of self! 


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