5 Nena Accessories To Help You Stay Organized in 2022

5 Nena Accessories To Help You Stay Organized in 2022

There are so many reasons why staying organized can improve a person’s quality of life. As we make an extra effort to keep our homes and belongings in order, we can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide a clean and clutter-free environment
  • And keep track of things better

As you enter into a new year and recover from the previous one, now is the perfect time to organize your life and feel renewed! Our team has picked five Nena & Co. organizing accessories that can help you achieve the goals mentioned above while starting another year of your life’s journey.

Nena & Co. Organzier Insert with phone, credit cards, and pens placed inside

1.  The Organizer Clutch

Sometimes your purse could use a little more organization to keep things together or in place. The Nena & Co. Organizer Clutch is the perfect solution! With a zipper pocket at the top and several pockets located on the front, there are endless ways to use this clutch. Here’s a small list of possible items you could store and organize in the different pockets:

  • The large outer pocket is perfect to store your phone, but it could also fit makeup brushes or a small notebook.
  • The three small card slots can be used for your ID, business cards, gift cards, or credit cards.
  • The loop in the middle is perfect for placing your favorite pen or marker so it doesn’t get lost in your bag.
  • The large zipper pocket can store feminine products, more writing tools, receipts, sanitizing wipes, makeup, and anything else you see fit!

After you’ve placed your items into your Organizer Clutch, set it inside your purse and start your day off refreshed and confident!

Nena & Co. Leather Card Wallet from Mexico Collection

2. The Card Wallet

Do you ever panic a little as you search in your purse hoping to find your credit cards or cash somewhere in the bottom? When it comes to organization, a Card Wallet is a great way to help relieve stress, declutter your bag, and give your money and cards a home. After you organize your Card Wallet, place it in your purse where you’ll always know where to find it.

On days when a purse is too much, having a Card Wallet can be so convenient! It lets you store all of your purchasing items in one place and eliminates the chance of loose credit cards and cash falling out or getting misplaced. At times when you don’t want to take your bag, leave any unnecessary items at home and opt for only taking your Card Wallet. We suggest hooking the Card Wallet to your keys using its D-ring as you’re running your errands.

Nena & Co. Organizer Insert

3. The Organizer Insert

Do you wish you had more pockets in your bag? A Nena & Co. Organizer Insert is the accessory for the job! With two sizes (medium and full) along with two large zipper pockets and six open compartments, you have the room to organize many different items found in your bag. Some items that could fit in these organizers could include:

  • Items for moms such as diapers, wipes, children’s toys, bottles, and extra clothes.
  • Items for work or school such as an iPad/Kindle, documents, reading materials, notebooks, and snacks.
  • Items for travel such as an eye mask, a water bottle, reading materials, Airpods, snacks, and your passport (in a Nena & Co. passport case, of course!).

Whatever items you need, keep your bag extra organized with the Nena & Co. Organizer Insert!

Nena & Co. Cafe Leather Passport Case

4. The Passport Case

Another favorite accessory of ours is our Nena & Co. Passport Case! Whether you’re at home or on an adventure, keeping your passport in a case can help you keep track of it and protect it from any damage.

Nena & Co. Passport Cases are all handcrafted with leather and Artisan fabric and include the Womanhood Icon stamped on the front. Inside you’ll find pockets that ensure your passport stays in place, as well as an extra pocket that fits a credit card or identification card. Easily set your passport inside by sliding its covers behind the leather pockets located on the inside of the case. Once this is done, you’re ready to store it for your next adventure!

Nena & Co. Artisan Utility Strap

5. The Utility Strap

Every time you dig through your purse to find your wallet or keys, you’re losing precious time and causing unnecessary stress. Prevent that mini heart attack by taking advantage of the Utility Strap! It’s different from other straps because of the two clasps located where the leather ends and the Artisan fabric begins. The strap can be attached to a bag or clutch and worn crossbody, or secured to a camera and worn around your neck. In both situations, a clasp usually hits somewhere between the top and middle of your chest. In this convenient location, the clasp is perfect for attaching any accessory to your strap for easy access!

When it comes to choosing which accessory to attach to a Utility Strap, we suggest attaching a wallet or key chain as those are the most commonly-used items. However, it’s up to you! Think about which item you spend the most time looking for in your bag or what item you need most for the day. If your keys or wallet are already within reach, we suggest accessorizing your Utility Strap with a mini pom or charm!

The great thing about Nena accessories is they all have a D-ring that gives you the option to attach these items to your Utility Strap. This accessory system is also known as the Nena & Co. Add-On System. Stay organized and keep must-have items close with a Nena & Co. Utility Strap!

Ready To Get Organized?

Explore our Accessories and see which ones could be the perfect additions to help you get organized for the new year! We would love to see your ideas on how you use Nena Accessories to keep your bag (and yourself!) organized. Take a picture and remember to tag us on Instagram.

May you have a wonderful fresh start to the new year ahead!