2020 Year of Giving Recap

2020 Year of Giving Recap

Earlier this year, the Nena & Co. Society reached the milestone of raising and donating $500,000 since its founding in 2017! While this was a great accomplishment for us, we didn’t stop there. Since then, we have completed many additional projects for a total of over $219,000 raised just during 2020!

Here are some of the great causes that your generosity has contributed toward this year.

  • Delivering food and supplies to those in need during COVID-19.
    • To our Artisans in Guatemala.
    • And those in need in Venezuela, including feeding 55 kids every Saturday to bring them a little hope at least once a week.

guatemaltecos smiling for a selfie

  • Paid for the hospital and funeral expenses for Artisans and family members who have passed away.
  • Contributed to the 2020 Education fund.
  • Built 1 home (furnished and painted) for a single mother.
  • Funded therapy sessions for at risk LGBTQ youth in Utah.
  • Donated over 7,500 masks to first responders and medical professionals during the Pandemic.
  • Provided free emergency response programs for all our employees.
  • Donated to Hermano Pedro Hospital in Guatemala.

New playground for kids in Guatemala

  • Provided supplies for classrooms, remodeled the playground, and repaired the roof of Brillo de Sol, an all-inclusive school in Guatemala.
  • Donated to the Younique Foundation to benefit survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • Provided Christmas for 3 Artisan families in Guatemala, including presents for kids and paying off debts.
  • Donated motorcycles to Artisan single parents in Guatemala. With public transportation shut down during COVID, this gives them the freedom to take their own transportation to work and care for their children.

Artisans and children smiling outside for a photo

  • Built Little Free Libraries with books for both kids and adults in Guatemala. Remote areas don’t have access to public libraries, so this gives everyone the opportunity to read.
  • Donated Artisan Christmas stockings filled with gifts and essentials to local foster kids in need.
  • Donated funds to NAACP.
  • Donated food and supplies to Anini, a school for special needs children.
  • Donated to Fares Cancer Treatment and supplies. 
  • Donated clothes and supplies to El Quiche.
  • Provided food to Native American Centers and Food Bank.
  • Provided money for two families to leave Venezuela for a better situation.
    • A mom of 4 daughters to go to Chile.
    • A mom and daughter to go to Brazil.

A photo of Nena & Co. giving a donation to the Dressember foundation.

  • Donated to Dressember to benefit survivors of human trafficking.

Thank you for your help and support during 2020! In addition to providing sustainable and reliable work for Artisans, your purchases also allow us to give back to those who need it most and make the world a better place. We can't wait for what 2021 will bring!

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*This list does not include charity bags that we sent to society members and charitable organizations to raise money themselves.