10 Tips To Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

10 Tips To Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is a chance to renew our efforts in living clean for a healthy and sustainable habitat to live on. When we’re keeping Mother Nature healthy, she strives to keep us healthy as part of the Circle of Life. It’s a beautiful responsibility to honor the Earth every day by taking care of it. 


We want you to know that we’re in this with you! Nena & Co. strives to celebrate and honor the planet every day with the following efforts:


  • Creating handmade bags and accessories - More Humans, Less Machines.
  • Introducing Zero Waste campaigns to use all excess waste.
  • Upcycling vintage textiles to create new bags and accessories.


Because we care so deeply for Mother Earth, we’re sharing 10 tips that we all can apply in our daily lives to honor Her.


1. Get Outside


Girl with a Nena & Co. backpack in nature


When done respectfully, spending time in natural environments can help us slow down and remember how amazing the Earth we live on really is. Nature gives us a different perspective from the technology and infrastructure we see every day. It’s a place that was built on its own without any machines or human touch, simply thriving how and where it sees fit. Nature allows us to embrace who we are without the distractions of life. To celebrate the Earth is to enjoy the Earth! Some of our favorite ways to enjoy nature are the following:


  • Hike to a mountain
  • Visit a National Park
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood
  • Have a picnic somewhere
  • Ride a bike
  • Go hammocking
  • Read a book at your favorite spot


Nature can reduce stress, provoke creativity, work out the body, and give lungs fresh air. The physical and mental health benefits that nature has to offer us are many. However, it’s important to continue celebrating by leaving the natural environments we visit how we found them. Whatever activity we decide to do in nature, let’s make sure to pick up our belongings and throw our trash into an appropriate bin.


Bringing a convenient bag with us on adventures can be a subtle reminder to pack everything out that’s brought in! Nena & Co. has multiple options such as the Convertible Day Bag, The Perfect Bag, and the Fancy Pack. These two bag silhouettes can be turned into a backpack and the fancy pack can be worn across the body or around the hips. Enjoy the planet and take care of the planet by shopping at Nena & Co.


2. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market


Young woman holding a farmer's market tote with bread in it.


Have you ever visited a local farmer’s market? Getting produce directly from the farm to your fork can benefit our bodies and Mother Earth! At these markets, farmers come together and sell local produce, meats, flowers, and herbs directly to us. There are no middlemen, wasted packaging, shipping, or preservatives that can hurt our health and have negative impacts on the Earth. Buying locally can help reduce the harm those effects have on us and the environment.


Farmers Markets are simply a good time, especially with friends or family! We can buy fresh and nutritious food, enjoy time outside, have good conversations, and support our local communities all while honoring Mother Earth in the process. Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day by striving to shop at a local farmers market.





3. Grow Your Own Garden


Planting, weeding, watering, and growing a garden is another meaningful way we can celebrate the beautiful capabilities of nature and live sustainably. By growing a garden, we’re producing our own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We know every detail on where and how they’re treated resulting in fresher and healthier produce.


Additionally, life can bring some unexpected situations. Being able to grow our own produce can be helpful when those unexpected circumstances happen. If you’re ready to embrace and become one with the natural world by growing your own garden, here are some helpful steps to get started:


  1. Commit to caring for the garden.
  2. Research your climate.
  3. Plan in a place with sufficient sunlight.
  4. Learn the type of soil you have.
  5. Find out what plants can thrive.
  6. Organize the plant placements.


4. Use Natural Green Cleaning Products


Another way we can honor Mother Earth every day is by using her natural ingredients for cleaning– also known as green cleaning products. Conventional cleaning products often contain toxic and hazardous ingredients that are harmful to us and the earth’s ecosystem. They can cause rashes, headaches, and illnesses in humans and be a factor of the earth’s water, land, and air pollution. When we hurt the earth, we hurt ourselves too. Instead, let’s take care of the Earth and our health by opting to clean with environmental-friendly and natural products!


5. Strive To Live Zero Waste


Zero Waste Voyagers from Nena & Co.


Zero Waste means using all the excess materials that come from creating a product and repurposing them into something new. This way we're not sending what we don't use to landfills, incinerators, and the ocean where it can do harm. Zero Waste is a conscious effort to that we can implement in our daily lives to protect and honor Mother Nature.


At Nena & Co., we’re striving to do our part by implementing a zero-waste policy. This allows us to lower or carbon footprint and reduce excess material by selling limited quantities of product and repurposing vintage huipils and other woven fabrics into bags and accessories. As the fast fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, we want to do our part to celebrate the earth with sustainable slow fashion.


The Nena & Co. Zero Waste Collection features up-cycled denim with repurposed pieces of leather and Artisan fabric that are too small to use for bags. 




You, too, can strive to join us in our Zero Waste efforts from the comfort of your own home! By taking care of your possessions and repurposing them, you can renew your items while protecting the planet.


6. Use Reusable


Nena & Co. Farmers Market Tote with bread inside.


It’s no secret that plastic is a huge contributor to harming our planet. Celebrate the earth by striving to eliminate single-use plastics from your daily life. Some common changes can include:

  • Using a refillable bottle instead of plastic water bottles.
  • Eating with metal cutlery on the go instead of plastic.
  • Choosing a reusable bag instead of plastic grocery bags.
  • Boxing your food in glass instead of plastic containers.

Reusable products can reduce air, land, and water pollution as well as limit the need for new natural resources. Choose reusable as much as possible!


7. Go Paperless

Every day we receive many papers in the mail such as bills, coupons, and statements as well as receipts from restaurants and grocery stores. When we really think about it, that’s a lot of paper that’s limiting our natural resources and releasing carbon emissions into the environment. With everything being accessible online nowadays, opt for paying and receiving bills online and getting receipts through text or email. Many companies have these options to help us honor the Earth and go paperless.


8. Shop Secondhand


Jeans on a rack


In today’s society, we all like to change things up whether it’s in our personal lives, houses, closets, or wardrobes. While this can be normal, let’s make an effort to avoid the negative environmental effects that can take place by throwing away old clothes and other items that we don't want anymore. Instead, let’s choose to donate, sell, or give them away.


When buying new items, choose to thrift shop or buy second hand on BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) Facebook Pages. You can find some beautiful vintage and one of a kind items just by shopping with these methods. Nena & Co. has several BST pages where Nena lovers can switch up their collections. Feel free to join!


9. Research Brands Before Buying


Lady typing at a computer.


As we strive to support and protect Mother Earth, supporting brands and companies who feel the same is an important step. It’s rewarding to learn and support brands that have the same mission to help the natural world. Here are some questions to ask when researching:

  • What is their mission as a brand?
  • Do they use sustainable materials?
  • What sustainable production methods do they use?
  • Do they use biodegradable, compostable, or recycled packaging?
  • How do they treat their workers?

10. Shop Small And Sustainable


Guatemalan Artisan woman


Another way to honor Mother Earth is by supporting small and sustainable businesses that have the same mission to protect it. As you do, you can know that your purchase is making a difference in your life, for the company, and on our planet.

Learn more about how Nena & CO. strives to be sustainable with these additional resources:


Ready To Celebrate Earth Day Everyday?

Nena & Co. is with you as we both strive to celebrate Earth Day every day. These 10 small changes can lead you to a more sustainable life and a better planet. We appreciate the support of all our Nena lovers who value and get behind our mission. If you’re new to Nena, we encourage you to take a look around, get to know us, and shop sustainably at Nena & Co.