Dec 05, 2019

What Does Womanhood Mean To You?

This year, we introduced you to our Womanhood Icon, our new logo. While I was pregnant with my now 4 month old, Santiago. I was so drawn to the symbolism focused on fertility and became a little obsessed with the idea of creating a bag around it. I couldn’t help but reflect on how difficult my fertility journey has been, recognizing that fertility is only a part of the greater picture of womanhood. That’s when I realized that I needed to create an icon focused on Womanhood; our ebbs and flows, our seasons, powers of creation, our never ending journey to find balance, and our constant regeneration and rebirths. 
This past September, at our Nena Society 2019 Event, we asked event attendees to answer the question: "What Does Womanhood Mean To You?" and we captured the answers in this video, highlighting the essence of the meaning of Womanhood.