Jun 18, 2020

The Algeria Collection

At Nena & Co. we know that the importance of weaving spans across many different countries and cultures. Our Algerian woven panels originated in the city of Ghardaia, known as the “Pearl Oasis”. The native people in this area are uniquely Berber, a historic North African culture known for their craftsmanship. Through the years, the Berber people have remained relatively isolated from the surrounding Arab culture, surrounded by mountains and other distinct cultural divides. The rugs are made from a mix of pearl cotton and sheep wool which they raise, sheer and dye themselves. The designs are woven by hand displaying a range of Berber symbols including wedding icons, scorpions, and mountainous terrain.


About the Weavers

Our relationship with the Algerian rug makers began a little over 3 years ago when Ali Hynek purchased a family rug from a man named Hocine.  She felt the pride he had for his heritage and his passion for business. When speaking with Hocine, Ali quickly found that the women who keep this tradition alive were highly revered and valued for their skill set. These Algerian women learn this art at a young age from watching their mothers and grandmothers weave in their homes. It is a family affair to raise the sheep, spin the wool, boil the dyes, set the loom, and spend days creating a work of art. This community has been able to successfully use their weaving as the main source of income for their families, and with this project they have been able to expand their network to new weavers as well. These rugs not only represent the ties to their family but the Berber culture as a whole.