A Nena style story featuring Terra LaRock

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This week, we've decided to interview one of our favorite Instagrammers about her personal style! Nena Tribe, meet Terra from loveandlarock.com (or @loveandlarock in the Instagram world).

1. Describe your personal style: My personal style is a mix of bohemian and comfort. Since becoming a mother, I haven't enjoyed anything too form fitting or tight since I am usually playing on the floor or chasing around my very busy 19-month-old daughter, Winter, on a daily basis. I need to be able to move quickly if you know what I mean? I tend to go for a good old trusty pair of skinny jeans with a flowy, neutral, print top or a long dress. I never wear anything too bright as I usually let my pop of red lipstick or accessories take the lead with color (like the beautiful Nena and Co. bags). When I can, I like to buy from brands that have an environmental and sustainable lens. I just love purchasing second-hand items, handmade goods or from brands that use sustainable materials or have a charity component. 

2. Which Nena do you use? Oh if I could only be so lucky to own one of each type!? What pulled me to Nena was that their bags are handmade in Guatemala. I used to live in Guatemala, volunteering as an art teacher for an orphanage. I spent six months over there learning Spanish, being immersed in the culture and connecting with others from all over the world. The people were some of the most friendly humans I have ever met and the handmade textiles I saw while traveling around Guatemala were so beautiful and vibrant; both the people and their fashion sense  has made a long lasting impression on me. My new favorite item in our entire house (besides our plants) is the Convertible Day Bag. It works beautifully as a diaper bag and both mine and my daughters water bottles fit perfectly in the side pockets making them easy to access during our adventures. I also love it because I can easily use it as an overnight bag. We recently stayed in a hotel in Boulder, Colorado and can you believe I only used this bag to fit both mine and my daughters stuff?

3. Where are your top 3 favorite places to shop? This is always changing. But currently for clothing for both me and Winter, I go to @Ziraffe_store, They have a platform where you can buy and sell gently used items which is so much fun. They also handpick the vendors that they carry and all the vendors are guaranteed to use sustainable practices. For home goods, I hit up @meekvintage (a local Denver shop) or @babasouk. I also love me some @Tredup which a large online consignment and thrift store! 

4. Who are your style icons? Hands down, Iris Apfel. The woman is 95-years-old and still pushing fashion boundaries. I want to be that bold and self-confident, too. I think our society has this anti-aging stigma and it really makes me sad. I appreciate growing older because it's a privilege denied to so many who lose their lives too soon. I can't thank Iris enough for showing us that beauty is ageless.

5. What's your best piece of fashion advise? Be mindful of what you bring into your closet. A few years ago, I was so into the fast fashion that I would buy 10 items at once and end up only loving and wearing two of them more than once. I really try to be cautious about what comes into my home and ask myself these three questions before purchasing: 1. What event would I wear this to? If I can list several, then I am on the right track. I don't like buying pieces that are a one trick pony so to speak as I need it to be versatile. 2). Does this piece make me feel beautiful? If the answer is sort of, forget it! And back on the rack it goes. 3). Can I move in it? Is it comfortable when sitting, standing or bending down? If the answer is a yes to all three questions then I know I won't have buyers remorse.

Thanks for the feature, Nena! I really enjoyed answering these questions. You can follow along with my Instagram, Pinterest and Blog for more on fashion, motherhood, mindfulness, plants and more. Thanks again!

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