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A Leather Video Series

Without the leather that frames our vintage huipils and woven fabrics, we wouldn’t have The Perfect Bag and many other bag and accessory silhouettes in our Collections. It’s a key component that adds a sense of luxury and showcases the powerful weavings our Artisans create.

The beautiful leather in all of our collections is known as Bovine leather. While buffalos and bison are included in this category, today Bovine leather is made mostly from cows, or “vacas” in spanish. We choose to work with the Full-Grain Bovine Leather when creating our bags because full-grain is the finest option and Bovine leather is known for its toughness and character.

To dye our leather, our tanneries use Aniline Leather Dyes that provide excellent color brightness, clarity and transparency. This Aniline Leather Dye is formulated to enhance the color of the leather and allow for you to see the natural graining and markings in your leather. They are also designed to restore color and sheen to your worn or sun-faded aniline leather without changing the feel. Our leather is free from toxic chemicals, such as Chromium 3 and 6.

Each collection from Guatemala, Mexico, and Morocco has different signature and novelty leather colors that come in multiple full leather and partial leather silhouettes. Here is where you can explore and discover what leather colors speak to you in preparation for future drops.

The Guatemala Collection

Because Guatemala is the country that inspired and motivated Ali to create Nena & Co., the signature leathers in this collection were the firsts used when The Perfect Bag silhouette was officially born in 2019. Since then we have added more novelty leather colors to pair with our vintage one of a kind huipils and newly woven Artisan fabrics.

Guatemala Core Leather Colors 


Our core signature leathers in The Perfect Bag silhouette include cafe and black leather. Each of these colors are classic staples that should be included in any wardrobe as they match with many outfits and can be worn in any season! Each bag and accessory that we drop usually is first introduced in these signature leather colors.

Guatemala Novelty Leather Colors


2020 is the year we began releasing novelty colors of our current Guatemala Leather. The leather is the same as the signature leather options but have been dyed in different colors using the same aniline dying process. The color options range from pastel to more earthy tones and come in full leather options as well for a beautiful frame for our Artisan fabrics.

The Novelty Leather color options include:

  • Mustard
  • Slate
  • Vino Tinto
  • Emerald
  • Sienna
  • Primrose
  • White
  • Lavender

The Mexico Leather Collection

The Mexico Collection was born in 2019 because of the influence this vibrant country and rich culture had on Ali during her childhood. This collection also features full-grain leather that can stand alone or be framed with fabric made and woven by Artisans from scratch. The subtle, more neutral tones in the Mexico Artisan fabric pair beautifully with our signature and novelty leather colors.

Mexico Core Leather Colors


The first signature leather from the Mexico Collection is our Tumbled Painthorse Leather which is a rich chocolate brown leather. The tumbled aspect means that it has gone through a tumbling process that makes the leather a little more supple for a pre-broken in effect. This color is beautiful for those who love a neutral leather that makes the Artisan panel really stand out.

The second signature leather in The Mexico Collection is called Tobacco. This color is a more camel colored hue and has a suede-like finish to it. The Tobacco leather is a very popular choice to wear during colder weather as it pairs beautifully with sherpa coats.

Mexico Novelty Leather Colors


The novelty leather colors in our Mexico Collection first launched in the beginning of 2021 and have only been featured in full leather. Typhoon is an ocean blue color, Landslide is a charcoal grey, and Sangria is a magenta.

The Morocco Leather Collection


We opened Morocco in 2018 and were very excited to enter a new country to work with weavers. What sets the full-grain Morocco leather apart from all our other lines is that instead of bovine leather, we work with sheep leather. It’s buttery-soft when touched and carried.

Another aspect that sets the Morocco Leather apart is that the full leather bags have a beautiful weaving detail on the front that’s handwoven by Artisans. In the collection, we first launched the cafe and then the black and cabernet leather color options shortly after.

A Leather Care Tutorial


If you have a bag or are planning on purchasing one, it’s important to know the proper care instructions to help your bag stay beautiful and be long-lasting. For step by step instructions, visit our blog on How To Clean, Condition, and Protect Your Hide. 

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