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Social Responsibility

I believe in social responsibility! When you visit third world countries you have to ask yourself; why am I one of the lucky ones to have so many opportunities and these people don't? Because of that, my love for design, and my heritage, I decided I wanted to CREATE opportunities for people that want to work and do it in a dignified way.

We are very well educated in Guatemalan textiles and when we meet with our craftsmen we teach them business principles on how to place a value on their product based on materials, technique, quality, and time since most of them do not know how to do this and are used to foreigners "haggling" down their prices. We honor their work and we do not underpay our employees or craftsmen.

The same goes for you! We value what we make but also want to be fair to you and set our prices accordingly. I think we should all ask ourselves "what is my social responsibility" and although we can't all start a business, I'd like to think I've created a way for you to give back with meaningful purchases or "shopping with a cause" through Nena & Co. and other brands that follow the same business model. We love what we do, the people we work with love what they do, and hope you can see the beauty in the products Nena & Co. brings to you!

xo, Alejandra & Family


Rather than just admiring the talents of these impoverished Maya families, Nena & Co. is committed to always giving back! Your Nena & Co. purchase will enable us to make a difference in Guatemalan lives, whether it is by providing purified filtered water or a scholarship to help Guatemalan artisans receive a better education. Share this journey with us by following Nena & Co.’s blog "Peace Pilgrim" to see the difference we can make together.