How To Care For Your Nena Product

How To Care For Your Nena Product

We make every effort to provide our customers with the best handcrafted and high-quality bags. Each step of the bag making process is done by hand — from curing, cutting, and treating the leather, weaving new fabric on backstrap and footlooms, to preparing the vintage huipiles. Our bags have natural characteristics and qualities that should not be considered flaws, because they do not interfere with the functionality of the bag. Imperfect alignment and small snags in the fabric, or natural markings such as scars and bug bites on the hide of the leather are proof of authenticity, and should be considered beauty marks. These characteristics represent the human touch in Nena & Co. designs, and we ask you to join us in celebrating these natural imperfections.

Caring For Your Fabric

The vintage huipiles we use on our One Of A Kind Guatemala bags have been worn for many years before being retired, and it is normal to find occasional loose threads in the fabric. These threads can be snipped with scissors or tucked back into the huipil by using a Snag-nab-it tool. Do not pull loose threads as it may cause damage to your bag.

Our Artisan fabrics are made new using a footloom, and they may show natural characteristics of the weaving process, including minor variations in the pattern or thread tie off points.

You may also use Apple Guard or Scotchgard Brand Protector on the fabric or denim portion of your bag for added protection.

Caring For Your Leather

The leather we use at Nena & Co. comes to you after a lengthy process of traditional dyeing and tanning. These long-established techniques ensure a high-quality leather product and highlight its inherent beauty. No two pieces are exactly alike; even items made from the same hide.

As you carry your bag, the leather will become more soft and supple with each use, as it absorbs the natural oils from your hands. As with all high quality full grain leather, proper conditioning and care is recommended.

Should you choose to, you may use a leather conditioner. We advise doing a test spot on the leather before applying a conditioner or treatment to the entire bag.

Clean, Condition, and Protect your Hide with our Leather Care Set

Read this blog post to see a step by step tutorial of how to clean, condition, and protect your hide!


Please keep your bag away from prolonged, intense sunlight, heat, and humidity. Dark denim or other dyed clothing items can rub off and stain tanned leathers. Exposure to water, liquid, oil, makeup and permanent dyes can stain your Nena product.

Please take the utmost care when wearing your bag, as color from your product may transfer.


See our FAQ page to learn more about your bag.