by Ali Hynek

For our third round of giveaways, Nena & Co. is teaming up with Mikoleon, Owlet, and Pujbaby, who have decided to gift one lucky winner the following donations:

1. Nena & Co. is donating a Convertible Day Bag valued at $288!

2. Mikoleon is donating a store credit of $150!

3. Owlet is donating an Owlet Baby Monitor valued at $249.99!

4. Pujbaby is donating various products (Infant Bath Set, Puj Tub, Gray Adhesive Hooks,

Spout Cover, Bath Tub Treads, Hangable Kid Cups, and Toddler Towel) valued at $235!

As a new mom, I've realized there are a couple things that makes bringing a new born home a lot easier; a safe, easy way to give your babe bath and a non-invasive, mobile monitor that measures your babies vitals so you can rest easy. And who doesn't want adorable handmade artisan sandals with matching handwoven swaddle blankets to cozy up your little darling??!! If I could give every new mamma this starter kit I would!!

xx - Ali

Mikoleón is a small company making children’s clothing and footwear. The production ethics are outstanding: their clothing is made from up-cycled fabrics, 100% cotton, chemical free, dye free, fair trade, reduced CO2, sustainable and handmade. Their shoes are handmade by cobblers in traditional slow production methods. The leather is processed in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. With all this production goodness, we invite you to stop by their website and learn more about this amazing brand. One lucky winner will be the recipient of a $150 store credit from Mikoleon!

Advancing the ways of parenting, Owlet is gifting one of our mamas an Owlet Baby Monitor. One of the world’s first smart baby monitor, valued at $249.99. Empowering you with the same technology hospitals use, known as pulse oximetry, Owlet designed a comfortable Smart Sock that you can use to check your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Also recognized as the clip doctors put on your finger during your hospital visit. Within your Owlet kit, you’ll not only receive three different Smart Sock sizes for your baby to grow into (up to 18 months), you’ll also receive a base station where you can configure flashing lights or audible alarms if your child’s heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold. Did we mention that you’ll also have exclusive access to an Owlet app? While your base station is your primary alert system, you’ll be able to get a live feed of your baby’s vitals on any iOS device, and soon to be offered on Android smartphones. New parents need their beauty sleep, so put your worries to rest and let Owlet safely watch over your little one while you get a full night’s sleep.

Pujbaby was founded by two parents whose goal was to simplify parenthood through great product design. While bathing their newborn and being both parents and designers, they wanted to create a better bathing experience. After many hours of sketching and prototyping, this power couple created a new solution that would steal the hearts of other parents around the world.

We are beyond excited to share the various products that Pujbaby is donating, starting with one of their Newborn Gift Set - Puj Splash ($75) making bath time as comfortable and calm as when your babe is in your arms! Included in this nine piece set is a compact infant bath, a hooded infant towel, three grippy hooks to hang your bathtub accessories, three ultra-soft washcloths, and a helpful bath guide for your convenience. Pujbaby is also gifting a Puj Tub ($45). Made from soft foam and protects your baby during bath time, folds and conforms to almost ANY sink. Not to mention our winner will be taking home a Toddler Towel ($45), Gray Adhesive Hooks ($10) to hang your bath accessories, Bath Tub Treads ($15) for your little to safely play in the tub for a slip free zone, Hangable Kids Cups ($15), and a safe Spout Cover ($10) for your facet. Expect your bath time to be covered in every aspect you can imagine!

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