Ali's Holiday Favorites!

by Ali Hynek
Hey guys! Ali here. Today I wanted to share with you a few 
of my favorite products that will make the PERFECT gifts for the holidays- from
stocking stuffers to gifts for him, you'll find everything you need to
make this season the merriest!
I LOVE our poms! They just add that little extra
something to your bag, ya know?
The Mini Clutch is something I use EVERYDAY like ten times a day.
I have 3 that I keep in my purse at all times! One is my wallet,
one holds all my receipts, and one is for make-up that I carry on the go!
The camera strap is obviously great for your camera but I use it
more as a cross body strap for EVERY bag I own! Its a show stopper.
This product is SO versatile! I use it as a purse throughout the day, and a diaper bag!
It's great to have the option to wear it as a backpack too, because as
a mom of triplets, I need a bag that is hands free! 
The Unisex Duffle and Sling have my husband and me arguing over
who gets what bag! Sometimes I love just a simple leather bag (ok fine with a
pom pom on it too!) while we travel. But he usually wins in the
end since I have more bags than him!
The  NEW Leather CDB is such a beautiful bag that I mostly use as
my every day purse that carries my computers and binders but also
as my diaper bag when I'm out with the kids. Like most of you, I'm a busy
person that needs two arms at all times so the option to use it as a
backpack saves me daily! I call it my day time bag!
2. Cadiz Tote: 
The Cadiz is my fave for going out with my husband. It can be
chic yet casual and I get stopped while I'm using it to find out where I got it!
We call it the Rocky Barnes x Nena & Co. "Beach" Throw but the truth is,
I use this in my house to snuggle on the couch or as a blanket we take
to the park, more than I do at the beach! Its so durable
and beautiful all at the same time!
Lastly, be sure to treat yourself to one of our custom made
Nena & Co. tree ornaments! You can find yours here
Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Nena Babes! 
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