Come visit Nena & Co. at Project Las Vegas

Hey there friends. If you are a rad store that would love to carry Nena Products and are heading to Project Las Vegas this week, head to our booth #19297 to check us out! Don't be shy because we would LOVE to meet you. 

If you know a store near you that you would like to carry Nena Products and , send em are way. 

XOXO Hope to see you there! 

Nena Takes on Good Things Utah!!!

Our founder, Ali ,was featured on Good Things Utah! How exciting is that? On the show, she was able to talk a little bit about how the company got started, why we have two lines of bags (sustainable and vintage), and how the company got its name! 


If you have ever wanted to learn more about the company or just get to know our founder Ali, you should head over and check it out! You won't regret it + the full video is up on their site! 



Who is Wearing Nena

Here is another week of Who is Wearing Nena! This week is extra special because we are featuring one of our employees! 

Meet my fav girl Kendall! When I asked Kendall what she does here at Nena she said, " HA! Good question!! ", and that's because, to be honest, you have to be ok with doing a little bit of everything around here. One minute we are at the computer and the next we are painting the warehouse walls vibrant colors.

Kendall started out as a Finance Intern here at Nena and got hired on full-time after her internship. She found out about Nena through Instagram (as many employees here do) and just figured it would be a blast to work here (it is!!)! She mainly works on monitoring our company finances and inventory to help us know what we need to order more of and what we are/aren't selling enough of - let's just say without her we'd be pretty lost. 

Her favorite part about working for Nena is the fact that she loves the people she works with! A little Nena secret is that a lot of us are friends outside of the office! This makes for such a fun office dynamic because we chat lots while working and after we leave the office at 5, we just end up planning something for later that night! It was so fun to start working here and make tons of new friends from all over. We all credit our friendships to Nena! 

Another thing Kendall loves about her Job is that she gets to be creative. This has been mentioned before in our employee Who is Wearing Nena posts but it has to be mentioned again because it is so important and so true! Like I said at the beginning, we do a lot of jobs around here so we have to be creative - stuff like styling shoots, taking photos, and choosing bags for wholesale accounts. Kendall is a Finance employee but yet she gets to do all those things as well. So rad. 

Besides working at Nena and hanging with her little Nena Tribe, Kendall likes to hangout with her sisters and nephews and go to Disneyland  (who doesn't love that magical kingdom). She is a Senior at Brigham Young University and is studying Finance. She would like to be a Buyer & Merchandiser so she can one day mix her love for fashion and finance!

That is an end to another week of Who is Wearing Nena! Don't forget to #whoiswearingnena and #nenaandco for your chance to be featured on the blog! 


Kendall (right) and her cute sisters. 

Kendall (right) and her cute sisters. 

Rockin her Nena bag everywhere she goes!  

Rockin her Nena bag everywhere she goes!  

Kendall showing her love for Disneyland. Can we all go please?? 

Kendall showing her love for Disneyland. Can we all go please?? 

24HR online warehouse sale!!!

Hey there! Have you all heard about our Sale that started today? If not, be excited that you are hearing about it now because you DON'T want to miss this. 

Sale started this morning at 10AM PTS and only runs for 24hrs!!!! ENTIRE site is 25% off and all the Sale items are an additional 25% off. Use code JULY25 at checkout to receive your discount. 

Can you believe it? Such a good deal! So head over and check it out! 

Who is Wearing Nena

Are y'all loving this summer weather? We can't get enough of it! The office is full of summer excitement as everyone is planning their next summer adventure: Ali coming home from Europe and then heading to New Mexico, people getting ready for weddings, some of us warehouse girls heading to carnivals and cliff jumping. Coming back on Monday is almost like a competition to see who had the most adventurous weekend. 

What are your favorite little weekend summer trips? Any fun places to go adventuring around Utah? We would love to hear them!! 

Well, that's enough about the Nena Team - after all, we're here to learn about all of you! This week I am so excited to introduce Demi- Brooke. Just from glancing at her photos you can already tell she is one rockin' Momma. From our short email exchange, I have learned that she is a dedicated Momma who loves her kiddos but still remembers to always love who she is too! Let's hear a bit about her love from the woman herself:

"Hi there! I'm demi-brooke - lover of Jesus, tea, and catching the light. When my husband and I got married three years ago, we were wedding photographers, barely old enough to order a drink, and had no intention of kiddos for "at least five years". Now, three years and two kids later, I couldn't imagine life taking a different turn than it did. Motherhood was always such a foreign thought to me until Oliver was born. In that moment when they placed him on my chest, I fully understood what being a mother encompassed. Strength. leadership. a nurturer in both sustenance and spirit. I feel one thing mothers often forget (myself included) is to nurture ourselves as well- it's all too easy to forget who you were and get stuck in the yoga pants and spit-up hair mindset. (Though, as I write this, i'm wearing sweats with no regrets!) Over the past two years, I've become a stay at home mom, slowly taking on less weddings. It has taken a lot to acknowledge that it is not motherhood that defines me. It is not my photography. it is a balance of sharing yourself with others and not losing who you are in the process. 

My favorite part of this interview is when she says, "It has taken a lot to acknowledge that it is not motherhood that defines me. It is not my photography. it is a balance of sharing yourself with others and not losing who you are in the process." I'm not a mother, but I can imagine that after dedicating so much time to someone else, you could lose sight of yourself a little. What you used to do, how you used to spend your quiet time, etc. Because you don't have that privilege anymore. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing by any means to have kids - I strongly believe that having kids is one of the biggest blessings in life - but I can imagine how hard it is. I love how well Demi handles it. You can tell she has found the right balance. 

In an effort to still feel myself while taking care of 2 under two, I've found a simple streamlined style (and the ever-popular capsule closet) makes it so easy to dress comfortable and still feel stylish. My wardrobe consists of neutrals, so my Nena & Co. bag goes perfectly with literally everything. though we carry the minimals for our kids, there is still a ton to lug around and this bag holds it all effortlessly. The combination of style, convenience (that top pocket that fits a cell phone? Come on- genius!), as well as their ethics behind the craftsmanship leads me to fully support this company and all they stand for. 

Being as our bag is used daily, we take it everywhere. The leather bottom is convenient for beach trips so I don't have to worry about sand coming through the bottom. The shorter handles are perfect to attach to the stroller for easy access wherever we are. Honestly, every time someone comments on my bag, I have to control myself from singing its praises to no end! My favorite things about our bag though, are when my son goes sifting through it for his puff snacks, when I'm filling it with tiny newborn clothes for MariBelle as time goes by far too fast, or when it isn't containing our kids belongings, but rather a mass amount of candy for a movie date night with my husband. ;)  It's the memories that go along with it, and will continue to well past the diaper bag stage." 

Eeekk! I love how she finds ways to use her Vintage Sonia wherever she goes. We're always thinking of new ways to use the Nena bags. Turns out the Beach Bag works for the beach + a little weekend bag (if you just need an outfit or two) + the perfect farmers market bag! 

Thanks for reading Who is Wearing Nena! Not only do I love searching through Insta and finding new friends to feature, but I also love when people contact me and ask to be featured! Email me at for your chance to say hello to the Nena world!


Check out this rad Momma's blog to learn more about her and her cute fam! 

Who is Wearing Nena

Here we are with another week of "Who is Wearing Nena"! I cannot tell you how fun it is to be able to scroll through the #nenaandco  to see all of your rad photos. I asked this out-of-this-world Momma to tell us more about herself - what she does, who she is, what tugs at her heart strings - and this is what she said. You are about to read some seriously beautifully worded language. 

"I am Ashley Henderson - a Southern California native, living and loving in Austin, Texas. I am the lucky wife to one very selfless husband, the mommy to one very strong-willed 4-year-old daughter, and the owner // designer // maker behind Zella Woods Designs ( I have been fortunate to travel a lot at a young age and even live abroad in college. However, the list of places I want to go and see gets longer every day. This exposure to travel has heavily influenced the way I see things creatively and is the foundation behind my jewelry designs. I am inspired by foreign cultures and their craft, I tend to love everything vintage and I am a firm believer in supporting handmade makers as often as possible; the same heart that lives in me, lives in them.

The passion behind my business is rooted in love - my love for family, love for travel, love for design, and above all love for God. 

My grandmother had passed away before I was born, but she has always been with me. She is Zella Woods - the original inspiration and namesake for Zella Woods Designs. She was an immaculate lady in a generation that valued the idea of always looking and wearing your best, even if you spent your days in the kitchen at home. Seeing her in pictures throughout the 1950-60’s is how I’ve developed a nostalgia for all things mid-century vintage. When I work to salvage pieces of jewelry from that time period, or design new items using original parts from that era, it reminds me of her and the affinity you feel for family."


Ashley's story is so similar to the Nena story. It's like she was meant to be featured on "Who Is Wearing Nena"! Did you guys know that Ali, our founder, learned about Guatemala from her own loving grandmother and that her mother helps run Nena? Aren't family ties the best?!


"When I use materials ethically sourced from other countries, it reminds me of the whimsy and naivety of being totally immersed in a foreign place. Somewhere totally unknown, where the language isn’t understood and the culture is beyond my wildest imagination. That sense of being totally outside my comfort level; that’s where true adventure lies, and you never forget the feeling. 

When my daughter came along, she was named after her great grandmother too. That sparked a totally new chapter of creativity. Now when I make custom pieces for mommies that remind them of their littles, it tugs at my heart. When I have women fighting cancer that order custom bracelets with phrases of affirmation or words of strength, that stuff means so much more than the words I inscribe. These things speak so deeply to my soul and the purpose God has put on my heart to fulfill with my hands. 

My ultimate hope is to live a quiet life and work with my hands to make jewelry that people treasure like memories - timeless pieces that speak to the individual rather than the masses."


Could it be more eloquently said? I highly doubt it. I love how she said "the passion behind my business is rooted in love". We try to make that a part of our culture here at Nena too, and we hope everyone can make that a part of their business. After all, that's what a business really comes down to: the passion and the love that drives it. Love is what really makes a business successful! I also loved reading what she had to say about being a one-woman business:


"I am a one-woman business. From design, material sourcing, product fabrication, website photography, blogging, social media marketing…you name it, I do it. My hope is to grow in a way that comes alongside women in impoverished regions of other countries to incorporate their handmade craft using my designs. Alejandra has done that so beautifully with Nena & Co. She is changing the lives of families in a part of the world her heart deeply cherishes. I want to do that to. And my Nena Bag inspires me everyday, reminding me others out there are making that same dream happen."

Thanks for sharing Ashley! Head over to her website to check out her jewelry - her tassel necklaces are just to die for! Major heart eyes for her online shop. 

Who is Wearing Nena

Oh how we have missed you! I'll be honest, we have had this "Who is Wearing Nena" post  sitting around since April (yikes. embarrassing!) but I just never got around to posting it! I was searching through my email for something, and I stumbled across it and just knew that I had to post it! This girl below has the raddest  life ever - meet Mary Ellen Arnold. 


I asked Mary to tell me a little bit about herself and this is what she said. I've read over this a couple times and I'm always like, "Wait. WHAT? Your life is just so cool!" 

"Oh man this is hard- anytime I have to talk about myself I immediately want to hide away! I am an introvert through & through, which probably sums me up in many ways. When me & my husband got married we eloped on a Thursday (completely unplanned until lunch that day!). We both couldn't handle the thought of having all eyes on us!! Thinking of that now still makes my stomach flip! Ha!

Me & J (Jacob) are best friends and we love being spontaneous & going on adventures. We have a dog for a child named Therman and if you see me or J talk about him we instantly turn into a sappy love mess! We have almost been married 7 years so that makes Therman 6 ... Ugh I hate that he is getting older. Hopefully we will have a baby one day - that has already been a 2 year journey. The nest tattoo on my arm symbolizes my hope/faith it will happen one day!

I am a hairstylist at a rad salon in Nashville and J is a musician/drummer traveling the globe! I love my job because of the one-on-one interaction. Getting to hear stories all day and seeing glimpses of peoples' lives is super eye opening. Before work each day, I run to clear my head - it's my prep before filling it back up :) All that to say I love Nenas bags because I love the story behind it and what it represents! "


Seriously, how cute are they?! Plus the pup = cutest little family ever. 


Keeping this short and sweet, "Who is Wearing Nena" will be back every Monday from here on out. We just love getting to know all of you so keep sharing with #nenaandco and #whoiswearingnena!

 Thanks so much to this girl and her patience! To see more on her life, head over to her blog or Insta. I promise you won't regret it! 

NEW Rocky Barnes Weekender x Nena SS15

Guys! It has been too long. But not to worry, because I am here with good news! Our newest and raddest Weekender has just launched! 

Welcome Rocky Barnes x Nena & Co. SS15 Weekender!!! Who better to create our newest addition to our eclectic collection of bags extraordinaire than trendsetting model and blogger Rocky Barnes?! She teamed up with Nena & Co.'s founder and designer Alejandra Hynek to create this fabulous weekender for "wanderlusters" alike. Made from genuine leather and accented with vibrant hand loomed fabric, the Rocky Barnes Weekender will last you a lifetime and never let you down in your travels!

have a weekender and I take it every time I go out of town. It carries all the necessities and doubles as the perfect carry-on. I have a feeling these are going to go fast so head over to the Weekender tab to snatch one before they are gone! 

Better late than never!

Hey there ladies! Sorry it took so long to announce the winners for this giveaway, but we are ready to share! The winners of the Turban Headbands are... @mrssarbrinapaige @n8tiveb @tealtravelers @mrs_ashleyreyes @msbcarnahan @emrob @blakeleebartik @mamamonson @dundasclan @abbeynoreen 

Head (no pun intended) to the accessories tab to pick the color you want and then email with your shipping info and color choice (by number)! 


Nena & Co. 

Something for the whole family

Who says you can't shop for the whole

family on Father's Day?

Nena isn't just for girls anymore! Now your whole family can walk out the door rocking our new Nena & Co. merchandise. Sorry it has been awhile since we last shared something on the blog, but now we're back, and what better way to return than with our new product lines! We have new kids clothes, women's totes, and everything your special man could ever want this Father's Day. Enjoy browsing through all the new products for the whole family at! 

We're not a girls only club. Get Dad the

perfect bag this Father's Day!

Shop our new Computer Bags for Dad today at 4 PM PTS

Don't forget to shop all the items today at 4pm PTS.  Oh, and don't forget to get something special for Dad this Father's Day too. It's coming up! We love seeing you wearing your Nena & Co. products so remember to use #nenaandco on your posts so we can feature you on Instagram! 


Drumroll Please....

And the winners of the backpacks are.....

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Email with your shipping info and we will get your backpacks sent right over! Please get in touch within 24hrs. 

If you haven't been lucky yet, don't lose heart! The giveaways continue! Next we will be giving away 10 of our fun, handmade, colorful POMPOMS! YAY! The perfect addition to any Nena bag. So keep entering my friends!!!! Giveaway starts at 3 PM PTS and ends tomorrow!  

vintage backpacks are a boho must!

And the winners of the camera straps are.....

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Email with your shipping info and we will get your camera straps sent right over! Please get in touch within 24hrs. 

Don't worry loves because we still have TWO DAYS (two more days of giveaways? EKKKK.) so keep entering! Our next giveaway is 10 of our one-of-a-kind backpacks! Custom made just for you, straight from Guatemala. This little number is made from vintage hand loomed Maya women clothing head to toe. I mean look at these pictures. How could you not enter the giveaway?!  Giveaway starts at 3 PM PTS and ends tomorrow! 



Yay for more Giveaways!  

The 10 winners of the clutches are - @katiebug801 @nikkayers @bonitarosa @kiraowings @maressa09 @thriftstoreaddict @moolitlace @colbs_jaimer @lilbitbeth @allypenaaa


Email with your shipping info and we will get your camera straps sent right over! Please get in touch within 24hrs. 


Thanks SO much for entering! If you didn't win, don't worry because we STILL have more to come! Enter by today at 3 PM PTS to win one our Vintage Camera straps. 10 winners once again! Winners will be announced on the blog at 3. 


GUYS! So excited to announce the first 10 of 50 winners. The winners are- 

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To claim your Carryall email within 24 hrs! 

Our next giveaway is 10 clutches. Just like the last giveaway, this photo will be posted on Instagram and you need to tag 5 friends to be entered. This contest starts today at 3PM PTS and ends Wednesday at 3. Winners will be announced on the blog first and don't forget to check Instagram daily to enter the next giveaway! 

xx - Nena  

Who is Wearing Nena

Here we go with another week of Who is Wearing Nena! With Mother’s Day approaching we thought "why not do a post on a hot mama?" We hunted down Amelia Jones and loved what she had to say. Who better to  explain her rad life than Amelia herself! 

“Every morning at 6 AM my son brings in his "fi-fi" (blankie), stuffed dragon, sippy cup, jumps in bed with us, and our day gets started! Before having kids, I loved to travel. Standing on the top of Machu Picchu, gazing out at the beautiful ruins, the thrill of a leopard being right outside the car window while on a safari, being inspired by the incredibly talented musicians on the streets of Florence, sprinting down the street in Costa Rica searching for non existent coast guard because my sweet, careless husband got caught in rip tide for the second time. Okay I didn't love that one. Anyway, you get the point! Now that I have kids, and any of you that are mothers know, it is much harder to travel. Just because I don't do it as much, doesn't mean it doesn't burn within me. Happily, I am adjusting.

That has definitely not been the only adjustment since becoming a mom and my Nena bag has been there for all of it! From passport and sand to now diapers and teethers, it has been like a friend to me, keeping me connected to another culture while simultaneously having my back while I’m  on this crazy journey as a mom. 

I care greatly about esthetics and am passionate about design in all forms. From designing and renovating homes, making home goods, to expressing myself through the way I dress, I’m giddy when things come together in a harmonious and visually pleasing way. So, you can imagine that when looking for a bag these things were very important to me. I love that my Nena bag not only is beautiful, but I can see the integrity in the way that it was made and the materials that were used.” 

Does it get more beautifully worded than that? I love when I am able to see hip Mom’s who stay true to their style and passions even though their life style has to change  when they have kids. And her pictures are just oh so dreamy! We usually only use 1-2 photos that people send us but this time we just couldn't help ourselves! Loved getting to know another one of our Nena lovers. 

Share some love with this girl and check out her etsy shop, instagram, and blog


Nena & Co. 

Nena Kids

I know every blog post I write that I am excited about something new that is happening but I CANNOT help but tell you guys how over the top rad this is. NENA KIDS HERE WE COME!!! 

I don't have kids and I have to stop myself from buying all of the kids clothes! Not even kidding. We've designed everything from Eva Summer Dress and Momos Slippers to kids Bucket bags! Of course we've stayed true to our mission to create sustainable income to the women and men that would like to work, be creative and enjoy being paid above fair wages. Nena kids helps support that mission!  To make things even harder to resist, you can even match your little chillin and get a matching Sonia Carryall! 

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.19.45 PM.png

How cute would one of these matching sets be? AH! And just in time for Mothers Day. Think, cute mothers day pic! ( would love to see photos of that if anyone actually does it #nenaandco) Don't forget to head to the kids tab and Mini Sonia Carryalls at 4 PTS to check it out! 

Who is Wearing Nena

We have something fun in store for Who is Wearing Nena because we are going to start doing employee profiles every once and a while! We love getting to know all of you, but we would also love all of you to get to know us. I personally love a company 10 times more if I know more about who I am buying from and who I communicate with. So here we go. Meet Carolyn! 

Carolyn first started working for Nena & Co. on January 12th(she said that date specifically because she likes this job so much. Really. She said that.). She first heard about Nena through Instagram! I am sure that is how most people hear about us. How cool is that?! Instagram can be used for so much good and productivity like networking and maybe even finding a job/internship like Carolyn. 

This is Charlie. If you aren't about to die of happiness from this photo, you gotta change something. 

This is Charlie. If you aren't about to die of happiness from this photo, you gotta change something. 

Carolyn is a Fashion Merchandising major graduating in May and so when it came time to find an internship and she had been loving Nena on Instagram, she reached out and 2 months later she was road tripping across the country to Utah with her dog Charlie.

Now let me just say, you don't know Carolyn unless you know that her dog Charlie is her best friend. Literally they have their own hashtag #adventureswithchuckandcare (she made sure to mention that and she said quote "I don't mean to plug it but were pretty cool").

Besides spending time with her dog Charlie, Carolyn loves all things outdoors. If you come into the office Monday and you think your weekend was cool...Good try. Carolyn's was better because she is all about adventure. From rock climbing and skiing to sailing (I thought people only did that in movies) she lives a pretty rad life. 

Considering she loves all things outdoors, moving to Utah is one of things Carolyn loves about working for Nena. She also loves the fact that here at Nena we have so much freedom yet guidance. You do enough on your own that you are still learning but you still always have someone close by guiding you. I cannot agree with that enough. Here at Nena, we are encouraged to be creative. We are given a project and some very vague guidelines and we just get to go for it and have fun! But if we have questions, Ali is always right there to answer them. I think we can all agree we love that about working for Nena. Carolyn also loves the moral that Nena stands for as well as the fact that she gets to see all the new product before it gets released to the public ;) 

I don't know about you guys, but I loved getting to know Carolyn even better. I feel like every time I write a Who is Wearing Nena post I rant about loving to get to know new people but I really do. I hope if you get the chance to read the blog, that you will then get other people to start reading! We need to spread the love! As usual, we love seeing your photos with your Nena bags so continue to #nenaandco and #whoiswearingnena. Until next time! 

The tassel clutch

Prepare to be super excited because we have some pretty great news. Drum roll please.......We are now launching new Spring items! EEEEKKKK! Almost every weekend for the next couple months we are going to be launching something new. We will start advertising for it on Mondays, have a blog post on Wednesdays with more details on the new product, and then the product with launch on Fridays. When you see the new item, get ready to act fast because new items are limited and will go fast! So here is to the first item- The Tassel Clutch! 

This leather hand loomed Tassel Clutch is so fun. It is a fold over clutch so you can fit lots in there and keep it all in with zipper closure. The main body is leather with the front top flap being hand loomed fabric. Each bag has adorable oversized pom pom accents that make it so unique. The bag is about 7" H and 11"W a.k.a. perfect size for all the necessities (phone, wallet, keys, ect.) The clutch will be going for $98.00! Are you kidding? For a leather bag? Such a good price! The clutch will launch Friday and we have limited quantities so keep your eyes peeled! 

Hint: If you sign up for our email list we will be sending out an email notifying you when the bags launch an hour before we announce it to the rest of our Nena Lovers so you can get a jump on the new product before it sells out! Sign up for our email list at the bottom of the website.