Baby Mama Essentials Giveaway!

Baby Mama Essentials Giveaway!

For our third round of giveaways, Nena & Co. is teaming up with Mikoleon, Owlet, and Pujbaby, who have decided to gift one lucky winner the following donations:

1. Nena & Co. is donating a Convertible Day Bag valued at $288!

2. Mikoleon is donating a store credit of $150!

3. Owlet is donating an Owlet Baby Monitor valued at $249.99!

4. Pujbaby is donating various products (Infant Bath Set, Puj Tub, Gray Adhesive Hooks,

Spout Cover, Bath Tub Treads, Hangable Kid Cups, and Toddler Towel) valued at $235!


As a new mom, I've realized there are a couple things that makes bringing a new born home a lot easier; a safe, easy way to give your babe bath and a non-invasive, mobile monitor that measures your babies vitals so you can rest easy. And who doesn't want adorable handmade artisan sandals with matching handwoven swaddle blankets to cozy up your little darling??!! If I could give every new mamma this starter kit I would!!

xx - Ali


Mikoleón is a small company making children’s clothing and footwear. The production ethics are outstanding: their clothing is made from up-cycled fabrics, 100% cotton, chemical free, dye free, fair trade, reduced CO2, sustainable and handmade. Their shoes are handmade by cobblers in traditional slow production methods. The leather is processed in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. With all this production goodness, we invite you to stop by their website and learn more about this amazing brand. One lucky winner will be the recipient of a $150 store credit from Mikoleon!



Advancing the ways of parenting, Owlet is gifting one of our mamas an Owlet Baby Monitor. One of the world’s first smart baby monitor, valued at $249.99. Empowering you with the same technology hospitals use, known as pulse oximetry, Owlet designed a comfortable Smart Sock that you can use to check your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Also recognized as the clip doctors put on your finger during your hospital visit. Within your Owlet kit, you’ll not only receive three different Smart Sock sizes for your baby to grow into (up to 18 months), you’ll also receive a base station where you can configure flashing lights or audible alarms if your child’s heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold. Did we mention that you’ll also have exclusive access to an Owlet app? While your base station is your primary alert system, you’ll be able to get a live feed of your baby’s vitals on any iOS device, and soon to be offered on Android smartphones. New parents need their beauty sleep, so put your worries to rest and let Owlet safely watch over your little one while you get a full night’s sleep.



Pujbaby was founded by two parents whose goal was to simplify parenthood through great product design. While bathing their newborn and being both parents and designers, they wanted to create a better bathing experience. After many hours of sketching and prototyping, this power couple created a new solution that would steal the hearts of other parents around the world.

We are beyond excited to share the various products that Pujbaby is donating, starting with one of their Newborn Gift Set - Puj Splash ($75) making bath time as comfortable and calm as when your babe is in your arms! Included in this nine piece set is a compact infant bath, a hooded infant towel, three grippy hooks to hang your bathtub accessories, three ultra-soft washcloths, and a helpful bath guide for your convenience. Pujbaby is also gifting a Puj Tub ($45). Made from soft foam and protects your baby during bath time, folds and conforms to almost ANY sink. Not to mention our winner will be taking home a Toddler Towel ($45), Gray Adhesive Hooks ($10) to hang your bath accessories, Bath Tub Treads ($15) for your little to safely play in the tub for a slip free zone, Hangable Kids Cups ($15), and a safe Spout Cover ($10) for your facet. Expect your bath time to be covered in every aspect you can imagine!

Hot Mama Giveaway!!!!


*This giveaway is now closed*


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As a childless babe of 34 years, I would get a little bummed when Mother’s Day came around.  I mean, I loved celebrating my own mama but I felt a little left out and wondered why it couldn’t be Women’s Day.  Whether we have kids or not, we all have these beautiful maternal, nurturing instincts in us and share those with others everyday!  So this weekend in addition to celebrating mothers, I want to celebrate WOMEN!  Cause as Beyonce would say, “who run the world? GIRLS.”  And ain’t that the truth!

This week we are empowering ALL of our babes out there!  Whether you’re a mama or not, this “Hot Mama Giveaway” is for you!  

To enter you must subscribe to each company's emails via Rafflecopter.  Even if you are already registered for our emails, you'll have to do it again in order to participate.  You must also follow each brand on IG and it doesn't hurt to tell your gal pals about the contest by tagging them on the "Hot Mama Giveaway" post!

If you haven’t noticed already, Nena & Co. launched their new Convertible Day Bags, which have almost completely sold out. Fortunately each week up until Mother’s Day, Nena is donating a Convertible Day Bag, along with other wonderful gifts from some amazing brands, totaling $723 and some change, to one lucky winner!

For our second round of giveaways, Nena & Co. decided to team up with 35mm Clothing and St. Eve Jewelry to give you the following donations:

Nena & Co. is donating a Convertible Day Bag valued at $288!

35mm Clothing is donating an assortment of items, valued up to $300!

St. Eve Jewelry is donating a White Buffalo Cuff valued at $135

Hot Mama Giveaway with 35mm, St. Eve Jewelry, and Nena & Co.

Hot Mama Giveaway with 35mm, St. Eve Jewelry, and Nena & Co.

35mm Clothing is a handmade knitwear brand based out of Los Angeles, California, designing their clothes through their inspiration from art and the wistful affection of print film.  Each collection is a visual narrative of their Southern California roots, beautifully told through original 35mm photography.  Designed with innovative sun-faded washes and natural fabrics, they wanted their work to reflect California’s rich diversity of landscape.  From palm tree lined skies, breathtaking sunsets, sun-drenched beaches, and thirty deserts, 35mm Clothing wanted to generously treat one of our hot mamas to an assortment of pieces valued at $300!  Seriously how sweet does that sound.

Convertible Day Bag - Nena & Co.

Convertible Day Bag - Nena & Co.

$300 Store Credit - 35mm Clothing

$300 Store Credit - 35mm Clothing

We also partnered with St. Eve Jewelry, another California brand, specializing in an eclectic style of bohemian jewelry.  Hand selecting both new and vintage pieces from the finest local vendors around, you are sure to come across something that you’ll absolutely treasure.  In this giveaway, St. Eve Jewelry is gifting one of their Small White Buffalo Cuffs.  A Native American Indian handmade product, that is genuine white buffalo. Talk about gorgeous! A stunning sterling silver piece, valued at $135, and personally signed by the designer herself.  If you’re a free spirit who loves expressing herself with a boho chic touch, St. Eve Jewelry will certainly have something to suit your liking.

Small White Buffalo Cuff  - St. Eve Jewelry

Small White Buffalo Cuff  - St. Eve Jewelry



*This giveaway is now closed*


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Ali here, Founder and Creative Director of Nena & Co.! It's not easy being a mama and I should know cause I'm recently a proud new mom to TRIPLETS!  After years of fertility treatments we were blessed to become parents on March 11th, 2016. When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't wait for Mother's Day!! I started searching for must have items to make life easier for me and the babies, or just things that celebrated motherhood. Once I began collecting different items for our new family of five, I decided we needed to celebrate in a bigger way. We needed to make other new moms feel like a million bucks! And nothing feels as good as winning something for FREE! Am I right? The next four weekends Nena & Co. will be hosting a series of giveaways that I've personally curated for new mamas or ladies, that could use a little something to brighten their day.

As the Creative Director of Nena, the first thing I thought of when I knew I'd be a mother was; our Day Bag needs backpack straps ASAP.  Babies or no babies, I always seem to have my hands full and a bag that I could use with handles, a crossbody strap OR wear on my back as diaper bag or just my date night bag is a MUST.  So let me introduce you to you the Convertible Day Bagwhich we will be donating to one lucky winner each weekend until Mother's Day! I hope you love it as much as I do.

xx - Ali

Giveaway prizes with Nena & Co., Ergo Baby, The LB Brand

Giveaway prizes with Nena & Co., Ergo Baby, The LB Brand

Convertible Day Bag  - Nena & Co.

Convertible Day Bag  - Nena & Co.

For the first giveaway Nena & Co. teamed up with Ergo Baby and The LB Brand

Ergo Baby is a leading baby consumer product company that creates innovative solutions to meet the needs of today's parents. We're happy to say that Ergo Baby is featuring THREE of their top baby products in this giveaway! Wanting to make baby wearing a breeze, Ergo Baby is giving away one of their incredible Baby Carriers. Gifting you the comfort to carry your babe for long hours without the back pain! Acknowledged as a "hip healthy" product by Hip Dysplasia Institute, so your baby's weight will be safely distributed between their hips and shoulders, making day-to-day activities manageable. Featuring adjustable padded shoulder straps, waist belt, hood, along with a large storage pocket, this carrier includes all the bells and whistles! You'll be able to carry in three different positions while your babe cradles comfortably in a natural sitting position. Ergo Baby is also providing our winner a lovely Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, giving mother's the support they need while breastfeeding their little one. Wrapping the pillow around your waist with it's unique contour shape, gives you the armrest you need and encourages your baby's head to be placed above their stomach, aiming for better digestion. Positioning tummy to tummy, you'll be able to comfortably bond with your babe during this cherished moment. The last gift that Ergo Baby is giving away to one lucky mamma is their sweet Baby Swaddler! This safe, easy to use swaddler, will keep your loved one sleeping longer and more peacefully. Known for it's patented Healthy Hip Positioner, your baby's legs and hips will stay in their proper ergonomic position. Plus changing your baby's diaper has never been easier with this swaddler's unique "removable leg pouch", allowing you to easily place your baby in any harness system such as swings and bouncers. Seriously, how amazing is Ergo Baby? They make parenthood that much sweeter!

Protector. Lover. Mother. Black/White Varsity Jacket with Vegan leather Sleeves - The LB Brand

Protector. Lover. Mother. Black/White Varsity Jacket with Vegan leather Sleeves - The LB Brand

We also teamed up with The LB Brand,  a style-driven brand defining the look of traditional roles in this modern day! Combining lifestyle in an original way, The LB Brand is giving away FOUR chic pieces during this mommy giveaway. Can we talk about how fierce this showstoppin' Protector. Lover. Mother. Varsity Jacket is! Making one hot mamma feel empowered and stylish wherever they go! And what better way to rock your mama status than some bold I Am Modern Motherhood Sunglasses! As The LB Brand says, "the bags under your eyes from no sleep just got the most stylish cover up". Lastly, we're completing this epic look with two beautiful necklaces! Your accessory game will be on point with either a Mother Circle Pendant Necklace and a Protector. Lover. Mother. Necklace. Both 24K gold, top notch quality, guaranteed to last you years to come during the crazy sweet years of motherhood. Looking to master the reins of parenting and keeping your style fresh, the LB Brand will make sure you're conquering it all!


A Nena Easter

From newly bloomed flowers, to birds singing in the morning, we can finally welcome spring back! With Easter right around the corner, we wanted to share how WE celebrate Easter! Hopefully those creatives juices are starting to flow and if you are ever wanting to brighten up your style, always remember, Nena never disappoints!

Sometimes the same old picnic blankets can get boring and you just want something new and exciting. Adding one of our Sustainable Beach Throws is sure to turn some heads and engage conversation. While chatting about your hand loomed throw that came straight from Guatemala, relaxing on the grass never looked so good!

Now don’t feel like your Nena bag is limited to one use, because it seriously can do just about EVERYTHING! Before you dust off your wicker basket from last year, switch it up with a new, unique easter basket, like our Vintage Day Bag II's!  Your little munchkin will be able to hold more eggs than they could have imagined! With their intricate details and fun pops of color, these beauties can go from an easter egg hunt to a night out on the town in no time!

While you're at it, check out our Nena Kiddos Collection! With our Summer Rompers, the chocolate bunnies aren't going to be the only thing you'll want to gobble up! Seriously, they will look so cute!

Wishing you a glorious spring and a Happy Easter!




Let's Get Creative

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re slightly obsessed with pom poms and tassels! Once you learn about the their beautiful history, it's hard not to fall in love with them!

Most tassels were inspired by “Cintas”, a type of hair sash that is part of the Mayan women’s traditional dress. Women of each village would wear their cintas in their own specific way. Some would wear them as a symbol of their religion, social status, marriage or family. There would be so much pride in obtaining their own tassel, knowing how many hours and determination it would take for someone to fabricate these tiny creations by hand.  

Here at Nena, we love showing our appreciation for these little beauties by adding their colorful touches to our bags, Nena Kiddos clothes, and even when decorating our homes! Today we are going to show you how you can give your home that festive Nena touch with this do-it-yourself Nena dreamcatcher! I hope you have as much fun making them as we did, and remember to give thanks to the women who came before us and shared the traditional art of tassel making! 




Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Twine (Thick and Thin) or Ribbon
  • Wood or Metal hoop
  • Nena Pom Poms/Tassels (You can purchase them here)
  • Optional: Colored thread/yarn to make your own


  1. Tie the knot of twine to indicate your start point on the hoop.

  2. Start wrapping your twine around your hoop tightly without any gaps. Make sure to place glue on the hoop so the material can stay in place.

  3. Hoop design: you can either loop your thread to make a traditional dreamcatcher look or wrap the thread/yarn in different directions as shown in the second dreamcatcher

  4. Start hanging your Nena pom pom/tassels on your dreamcatcher to your liking

  5. FINISHED! You now have a DIY Nena Dreamcatcher for your home :)